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Directory of Ordained Ministers

This directory is to help couples looking for a wedding officiant or anyone looking for a clergy person for any type of ceremony. We do not verify the email addresses listed. If your attempt to contact a clergy person listed here bounces back as a bad email address please contact directoryspiritualhumanism.org and we will remove the listing.

We will only list you if you email your information to:

directoryspiritualhumanism.org (Note: In order to fight spam all the symbols on this page are images not text and will have to be typed in by hand when addressing email.)

Please include name, email or web page address, state of province, and country of residence. You can also include a one-sentence comment if you would like. This page is updated infrequently so your information may not be posted for several months.

The beliefs and practices of those listed here do not necessarily reflect the official positions of the Church of Spiritual Humanism. The Church of Spiritual Humanism lists these officiant's as a courtesy only and makes no endorsement of their skills, abilities, or business practices. The email addresses on this page are not to be used for commercial purposes. We reserve the right to remove listings at any time for any reason.

United States


Reverend Father Jeffry Brown (Tuscaloosa) jeffbrown27gmail.com

Rev. Brandon Buchman (Eufaula) Schrodingers_boxhotmail.com

Len Daley (Montgomery) equipoise1aol.com. In service to Universal Love.

Edward Elliott ( Dekalb Co.) beanbreadwebtv.net.Cherokee weddings only.

Susan Fortune (Elberta) susanfortuneyahoo.com

Anthony Justice (birmingham) gizingusyahoo.com

Reverend Justin Killingsworth (Tuscaloosa) JHKillingsworthua.edu

Trey Lane (Mobile) vocabulariangmail.com

Coralynn Wyionia Scivally McCovery (alabma county) civalcmail.lawguru.com or medicinecougar3yahoo.com nt: The belief that all people are created equal and are wrthy of the same rights, opportunities, and representation

Timothy Curtis Naugher II (Tuscaloosa) naugherhotmail.com

Reverend Father Bradford Peters (Birmingham) RevFatherBradfordPetersgmail.com

Jennifer Smith (Cullman) bloodycloverbellsouth.net

Stephen Tarver pimp_smoothieyahoo.com

John Thompson jthompgulftel.com

Jim Wright (Birmingham) jwright2bham.rr.com


Robert Redding robert574mail.com

Valerie Snyder (Girdwood) sus_suenoshotmail.com


Rev. Steven F. Baril (Phoenix) drbling1131yahoo.com Weddings, funerals, affirmations

Cynthia Beeler (Tucson) clergygirlgmail.com Weddings, handfastings, affermations of love, wiccanings, rites of birth, adult transitions, rituals of childhood, dedication ceremonies, naming rituals, funerals, rituals of seperation, handparting, etc. etc.. I'm more than happy to help you on your special day and to make sure it's remembered and tresured!

Jayson Bruce (Maricopa County) Jayson.brucegmail.com

Mary Cadwell (Buckeye) mcadwell1gmail.com

Henry Neal Camp (Tempe) humanistecologyfund.net, humanistmail2world.com

Lawrence Clayton (Sun City) LawrenceJClaytonaol.com

William Cook wjdmcookmsn.com

Joe Cooperrider (Maricopa County) joesilverw.com

Rev. John Drury (Gilbert) tycho_99hotmail.com

Marsha Evans-Williams (Pima County) mwilliams34cox.net I will perform any and all wedding ceremonies, baby naming ceremonies; handfastings; funeral services and anything any other ordained clergy person would perform.

Kathie Elson (Maricopa County) kathiespottedpig.com

Eric Fiallos (Tempe) eeflosyahoo.com "Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength; loving someone deeply gives you courage." --Lao Tzu Dr.

Robelyn Garcia (Phoenix) RGPhD2000cs.com

Deborah A. C. Giglio (Douglas) healthyliving2dayyahoo.com Holistic Health Consultant

Dick Gray
(Phoenix) dickolacox.net

Philip Hamilton (Phoenix) azphilcox.net. I am available to do marriages.

Stephanie M. Huling IceMaiden85202wmconnect.com angelstarlettiyahoo.com

Rev. Dale E. Jewson (Phoenix) Djewsonjuno.com Available for weddings, commitment cerimonies, etc.

Angela Kearney (Mesa) naturallyspecialyahoo.com

Reverend Stephen G. Khoury (Pinal County, Apache Junction) ssportster87aol.com

Paul Koeneman (Tucson) atnisillekyahoo.com

Joe Lankford (Apache Junction/Pinal County) dzrtrat67mchsi.com I enjoy performing informal and unusual wedding ceremonies.

James D. Ledingham (Metro Phoenix) james.ledinghamgmail.com Arizona Area "There is only one good, that is, knowledge; and only one evil, that is, ignorance." -Socrates

Nick Lyons (Maricopa) ro_lyonshotmail.com

Jeffrey Klimas-McKenzie (Phoenix) nrsmcnzyahoo.com Weddings, and Affirmation of Love ceremonies, Funerals, any other requests....just E-mail.

Rev. Mays (Apache Junction) lonnemayscox.net

Rev. Rick McCarthy (Phoenix) mccarthy48gmail.com

Rev. Jerry H. Parker, (southern Arizona) URServedatt.net
Ordained Clergy, Spiritual Humanist, Marriages of all kinds, Baby Naming, Funerals, Hospital visits, ect. 24/7- 365

Iris Peschel, Ordained Clergy of Spiritual Humanism. (Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, etc.) Perform spiritual and non-spiritual weddings, baby welcoming, commitment ceremonies and funeral celebrations. ipeschelyahoo.com

Reverend Father Donald Bradford Peters; CFBE, FMP (Birmingham) chefbradchefbradonline.com

Dori-Lee Porte (Prescott) isbewitchedyahoo.com

Cynthia Sue Reay (Greater Kingman area) S2rockmeaol.com

Reverend H. Beth Rice (Mesa) bethers.ricegmail.com Ordained in the Church of Spiritual Humanism since May 2004

Jody Serey (Glendale) jodyspiritandlight Spirit and Light

James Speer (North Phoenix) the_jim_speeryahoo.com

Tad Teeple (Phoenix) tadteeplecox.net

Priestess Doris M. Veach (Sierra Vista) cronesilverhawkyahoo.com

Wayne Vlcan waynehelpproductions.com

Peter Warshall (Tucson) pwturtlewell.com

Fred Weiss (Bullhead City) fnweissyahoo.com

Michael West (Phoenix) westmd98yahoo.com will perform wedding ceremonies. located in the north phoenix area but will travel throughout state.

Rev. Lynda Zwinger (Tucson) weddingsintucsonyahoo.com Weddings, commitment ceremonies, affirmations
of love...


Claudia Ashmore (Little Rock) cldshmryahoo.com
Magickal Herbologist and Pagan Minister. Arkansas ministerial license, Coven of the Thirteen Oaks. Available for Dedications, Rituals and hospital visits.

Dody Bush-Retherford (Violet Hill) b1alucianaPaganPath.zzn.com
Specializing in Pagan rite.

James Campbell (Sebastian Co.) campbellcei.net

Sheila Cordellia Hicks scordelliahickshotmail.com All ceremonies-weddings, affirmations of love, GLBT commitment, funerals, baby blessing, etc

Jaime Goswick (Fort Smith area) jaime.goswickgmail.com, Weddings, commitment ceremonies, reaffirmation of vows, funerals, nontheist and pagan ceremonies.

Rev. Eric Lindquist (Jonesboro) lindquist_ericyahoo.com

Christina Ann Travis (Mulberry) tquick65yahoo.com

Anna Thomas (Washington County) yodelin_femmehotmail.com


Dr. Al-Najjar (San Diego) . I preform marriages, consultations, spiritual furniture design, with great futuristic presence, clothing with great futuristic designs. Naming ceremonies. We create that which enhances the being and developers the wholeness of the participant.

Kate Allen (Berkeley) lifeloveliturgygmail.com Experienced female liturgist from Roman Catholic tradition to perform weddings and all other life rituals, extremely LGBT friendly, will embrace any tradition/background/ritual that affirms love, happy to do interfaith weddings. Skilled at writing new prayers and creating new rituals to fit the people they're for! Have strong vocal music background with a wide repertoire, from Gregorian chant to gospel music, and am happy to incorporate singing into your ritual.

Reverend Tod Almighty (Santa Cruz) todalmightygmail.com For All of your spiritual needs, weddings, handfastings, same sex unions, funerals, spiritual counseling, renewal of vows, home blessings, baptisms

John A. Bell (Berkeley) prs37aol.com Specialising in ritual creation for life cycle events.

Sarah Cole (Turlock) sarah7coleyahoo.com

Padre Gavin Bennett (San Diego) padreggavin.cotse.net

Erik Berkowitz (San Fransisco) eberkomac.com I perform civil and interfaith weddings, commitment ceremonies, vow renewals and other rites of passage.

Aaron Bradford aaronbradfordgmail.com

Rev. Craig W. Bradford (Los Angeles) norstar68yahoo .com Lovesmith, forging futures since 1968

Annette Brown (Browns Valley) annette.lenellegmail.com Willing to perform all types of services for any denomination.

Dennis Betz (Adelanto) DevineSvtaol.com

Katy Bunderson (San Diego) katybloomyahoo.com Ordained member of the clergy of Spiritual Humanism.

Minister of the Peace Brian D Butler (San Diego) BBUTLER760netscape.net available for affirmation of love, marriages, Baby namings, funerals, ceremony of life, invocations, and hand fasting

Rev. Celeste (Sonoma County) RevCelesteofMLRMgmail.com I believe all people have the basic right to love who they will and marry
who they will.

Minister of Peace Lou Ann Roemer Choss, LMT, RYT (Butte County, Magalia, Paradise, Chico & beyond) regeneration_nowyahoo.com Over 30 years experience as Licensed Massage Therapist (Hawaii), Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher. ALACE Birthing Doula. California services performed: weddings, baby dedications, renew wedding vows, funerals, etc.

Rev. Sally Collins (Orange County) magickalhandfastingyahoo.com Non-denominational minister, wedding officiant and ordained priestess.  Religious, spiritual, secular, interfaith and civil ceremonies. All faiths welcome!

Reverend Jessica Moore Crowley (Los Angeles) jessica.moore.crowleygmail.com Specializing in all of your spiritual needs. I perform civil, interfaith, and non-denominational weddings, same sex unions, handfastings, spiritual and life coaching, renewal of vows, home blessings, baptisms, baby naming and blessings.

Rev. Dale W. Connors (Lancaster)dalecon5aol.com Licensed to all the rights and privileges granted to an ordained minister in accordance with all applicable laws and available to co-create and officiate ceremonies which commemorate life's milestones: weddings all sexes, life partners ceremonies, memorial services, blessings, bike blessings, non-denominational services ,vow renewals and funerals

Rev. Ron Drummond (San Diego, Ca.) the art of Hedonism

Minister Daniel O. Duart (Chico) 1personatt.net I am ordained and have considerable experience in providing counseling and ceremonial services large or small, including weddings, handfastings, spiritual cleansing, funerals, etc. for persons of all faiths (including agnostic and atheist) and orientations (straight or gay), I am alternative-friendly (well-read in Paganism) and want all people to know what freedom we can enjoy in creating and sustaining a belief system that peacefully and lovingly embraces people, animals, and mother earth.

Sid Dutcher (La Habra) siddutcherverizon.net I perform civil weddings and renewals of vows

Rev. Philip A. Edwards (San Luis Obispo and California Central Coast Region) Hesings11gmail.com Performing weddings, commitment ceremonies, reaffirmation, handfasting, funerals, blessings, baby namings, and all other ceremonies for life changing events. I do civil, non religious and earth religion centered ceremonies. I am alternative friendly and will be happy to discuss any ceremony you may wish.

Christopher Eggebrecht (San Diego) christopher.l.eggebrechtgmail.com

Samuel Erich (Orange County) Samuriiamyahoo,com

Priestess Mary Farnstrom (Orange County) maryshadesofthespirit.com All ceremonies performed, save those prohibited by the Church of Spiritual Humanism.

Steve Flowers (San Francisco Bay Area) stevejustastateofmind.com

Dawn C. Frain (Graeagle) bravedawnyahoo.com I do Weddings, Baby naming ceremonies, handfasting ceremonies, ect.

Frank (San Diego) FrankHHPcox.net also available for Holistic Healing and Health. I am a Lic. Massage Therapist. Holistic Health Practitioner, and trained CranioSacral Therapist. Anyone in the San Diego, North County area can contact me at the above e-mail address.

Reverend Glen Gabel (Pioneer) gsgabelme.com Come and renew your spirit among the Tall Pines, enjoy the smell of cedar, and the freshness of the Sierra Mountains, and the cool clean mountain air or come join us on a weekend service or hike as we seek oneness with nature. If you're camping in the area I'm willing to visit your camp site to share a message of hope and love. I'm open to most types of services, including LBGT ceremonies, Celebration of Life. Starting summer 2012 regular gatherings of open minded people on most weekend mornings.

John Gibson (Big Bear Lake) moonridgemanhotmail.com

Sister Marie Gibson lovelyadorablelicqmail.com. Loving, caring, non-judgemental single mother who wants to be of service to mankind.

Almadeus Star Gioeli almadeusstarhotmail.com Designer of modern Mystical Ceremonies for weddings, rites of passage for teens and adults, facilitatior of rituals for manifestation (of music, art, health, blessings and special intentions)

Minister Ricardo Ginese (San Luis Obispo County) olsoulhotmail.com

Chaplain Darrell C. Hartley (Norwalk) counselcentreadvocacy.com I am available to perform weddings, baptism, funerals; pastoral, family, relationaship and addiction counseling.

Rev. Daniel Havner danhavkhhotmail.com I am a Wiccan serving all pagans through the guidance of the goddess

Rev. Philosopher D. Stephen Heersink, Officiant The Church of Spiritual Humanism, (San Francisco) dshsfcasbcglobal.net

Melissa Hernandez-Munguia (San Jose) lavenderandashyahoo.com I preform handfastings, traditional weddings, wiccanings, funerals, and custom rites.

John William Hill RavenTheIrishaol.com. Weddings, funerals, baptisms, discussions,counseling; guidance, naming, wiccan, pagan and druidic ceremonies: blessings, solstices, equinoxes, rituals, meditation, advisor and misc. ceremonies

Rebecca Horak (Sacramento) becalee_1msn.com

Michael Hovey (Cyprus) michaelhoveymhpathfinder.com.

Robin A. Jacobs (Santa Cruz) Novanautcs.com

Stephanie Jourdan, Ph.D. (Woodland Hills) stephaniejourdan1gmail.com
Available for couple counseling, custom-written vows and/or rituals, and officiation at your wedding. Jewish, Christian, Pagan, and non-denominational New Age.

Rev. Betsy Kardos (Palmdale, Antelope and Santa Clarita valleys) revdkardoshotmail.com weddings, commitment ceremonies, divorce/separation rites, baby namings, house blessings and more.

Mama Fortuna (Santa Ana) templeoffortunagmail.com Mama Fortuna Religious leader and founder of Temple of Fortuna (dot com) religious organization, we provide a new spiritual Sunday Pagan Goddess worship service for the global membership every week at 11:00am pst, membership is available with the temple, and I am personally available, by weekend appointment, for any type of change of life ceremony.

Mykel Kartman (Los Angeles) makbunintheoven.biz

Peter Kehoe PhD MFT Monsignor (San Jose) PeterKehoePhDMFTaol.com "If you are sincere, I will help you."

Seymour Koblin (San Diego) seymoursoharts.com

Howard Krieger (San Francisco) howardkriegerhotmail.com

William (Bill) Lancaster (Anaheim) blan531aol.com

Monica Lange, Ph.D. (Seal Beach, CA) paradoxmdlaol.com Ceremonies, rituals and services performed for all occasions including baby naming, rites of passage, same-sex marriage.

Reverend Johnny Law (29 Palms) myknivesyourbackyahoo.com Graciously willing to perform the desired services of any with an open mind. Contact me at your convenience. Proper consultation and mediation prior to the desired rite, done via email at the very least.

Denice Lewis (Los Angeles) denicedenicelewisfineart.com Fine art artist creates Tribute Art using cremains of loved on that have passed on and creates spectacular abstract works honoring the spirit of the deceased. Available for humans as well as pets. Also available for all other services needed such as marriage, baby naming, funeral, handfasting, commitment, affirmation of love, invocations, renewal of marriage, and holiday ceremonies.

Min. H. (Hank) Long Jr. (Southern California) Longjrlsaaol.com Spiritual Advisor, Consultant, Certified Addictions Treatment Counselor

Rabbi Rick Lutes (San Fernando Valley) rickstutoringgmail.com I am a Humanist Jew specializing in providing rites and rituals such as weddings, baby namings or Zeved HaBat. I perform these well as other rites and rituals in the Jewish tradition. This is for those looking for a secular ceremony or those who are looking to create their own, new Jewish or Family Tradition. To quote Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof "Even our oldest traditions were once new."

Jason Matthes, Ordained Clergy Person, Orange County jaycm610gmail.com

Rev. S. James McLaren (Fresno) revmclarenyahoo.com Handfastings, Spiritual Counseling.

Robert Mills (Berkeley) rmills764msn.com

Frank Milella (Redding) frankmemailaccount.com

Brother Roy Meridith (Orland) Minister of the people on two wheels I perform weddings and funerals for all. I also perform blessings of bikes, cars, homes and most of all the people.

Douglas Mettler (Lodi, Ca.) dougmettlersbcglobal.net

Rev. Mootoyou (Long Beach) www.steppingoutdancing.com

Daniel P. Morris (Fresno) danreneemorrisjuno.com Weddings & renew wedding vows.

Michelle S. Munnell (Fontana) MunnellAnn925aol.com. Will perform ceremonies in Southern California's Inland Empire.

Priestess Wanda Nichols (Sacramento) theclassycottagefrontiernet.net All paths are equally valid in my eyes and I am available for weddings and handfastings, funeral and requiem services, birth and baby blessings, home purifications and blessings, and other clergy services.

JC Orchard (Fillmore) ish_nehay_tayhotmail.com. Native American

Jennie Olmedo
(Sacramento) jmolmedoyahoo.com I am Bi-Lingual in both Spanish and English and can perform ceremonies in both languages. A consultation is strongly suggested before rehersal and actual ceremony.

Louis F. Ortega (Canoga Park) l_ortega_usyahoo.com Marriage Ceremonies Performed.

Sandra Palmer (Greater North Bay Area) sandrapalmerpaganweddings.co.cc I perform weddings, commitment ceremonies, reaffirmation, handfasting, funerals, blessings, baby namings, and ceremonies for all life changing events. I do both civil, non religious and earth religion centered ceremonies. I am alternative friendly and will be happy to discuss any ceremony you may wish. I am also very good at writing ceremonies and vows and would be happy to help you make your ceremony unique.

Reverend Anthony Parco (Menifee) 92saintsmsn.com Specializing in non-denominational weddings, renewed vows, and funerals.

Rev. Christopher Joseph Parker (Ventura, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles Counties) christopherparkerusa.com Performing weddings, blessings, etc.

Scott Phariss (Yuba City) swp95924yahoo.com

Bunlam Phayrin (San Bernardino) bphayrin123yahoo.com On life's journey faith is nourishment, virtuous deeds are a shelter, wisdom is the light by day and right mindfulness is the protection by night - If a man lives a pure life nothing can destroy him; If he has conquered greed nothing can limit his freedom.

Minister of Peace Paul Polsinelli (Los Angeles) paul_polsinelliyahoo.com

Rev. Denise Prervost (Rancho Cucamonga) denise1956yahoo.com

Michael Radford (Riverside) Caveman371411223cs.com

Trenton Raven DeMellocompassionate.warriorlive.com

Reverend Nancy Reaves (Orange County) nan2cute4usbcglobal.net Perform's Ceremonies of Marriage, Handfasting Commitments, Affirmations of Love, Same Sex Commitments/Unions, Invocations, Sand Ceremony, Unity Candle Ceremony, Renewal of Marriage, Rose Ceremony, Home Blessingss, Baby Naming, and Funerals. I am located in Orange County, CA and have wonderful packages!

Kenneth Reid (San Marcos, California) breidcsusm.edu

Gwen Rousseau (San Diego) grousseaupchss.org Ordained Spiritual Humanist Minister/LSC Pacific Center for Humanistic Spiritual Services

Michael D. Sellers (Sacramento) mdsellers2002yahoo.com Blessed are the cracked for it is they who let in the light.

Reverend Sandra Shaw (Southern California) reverendShawaol.com

David Sheel (Berkeley) roekyhotmail.com

Liza Sibley (San Fransisco) lizathenagaol.com

James R. Simpson jrsimpsondruids.i-p.com Celtic Druidic Ceremonies at Druids Ring Grove in California-All Faiths exist equally within Druidry, Solstice and Equinox Celebrations, Blessings for Birth, Death, Weddings.

Susan Smith, O.C.P. (Sonoma County, California). chemistx2aol.com Weddings (same sex OK) and solstice/equinox celebrations. Who else can say they've been married by a chemistry teacher?

Rev Jack Spot (Bay Area, Ca) RevJackSpotgmail.com Casual or formal ceremonies and rituals, custom wedding services, non denominational marriage ceremonies, handfastings, handpartings, domestic partner unions (including same-sex unions), theme weddings, parting of the ways ceremonies, baby naming and baby welcoming, house blessings, rites of passage, hospital visits and funerals and memorial services, full moon, new moon, solstice and equinox celebrations, animal naming and funerals. We will undertake all Humanist ceremonies.

Rev. Elisabeth Steadman (Shasta County), eas239hotmail.com Officiant for weddings, renewals of vows, handfasting ceremonies, and commitment ceremonies. I also do baby-naming or baby welcoming ceremonies. Secular, spiritual, or pagan.

Timothy Steele (Los Angeles) timothyrsteelesbcglobal.net

Rev. Thomas Salvatore Taormina, Jr. tenisewonyahoo.com Thomas Taormina Perfom weddings/commitment ceremonies in and out of California.

Wendy Tayian (Orange County) wendytayiancox.net

Reverend Melanye Taylor melanyeusc.edu

Steven Taylor steven.taylorvisionforamerica.us

David Templeton (Modesto) creeksidedaveyahoo.com or creeksidedavehotmail.com

Lorelei Pena Tempelton (San Diego) Pena1962yahoo.com for weddings and celebration of life ceromonies

Steven C. Tillman (El Cajon) SkilfulCoderGmail.com Ordained Clergy Person, Performing and assisting in the celebrations of life, weddings, devotion ceremonies, baby naming, baptism, confirmations, funerals, counseling and all other non-denominational clergy services.

Reverend James Tsutsui Jr. (Laguna Hills) jimtsutsuihotmail.comI Design and deliver ceremonies which allow for the union of different,
traditional religious practices so that all are included and touched.
Specializing in inter-denominational unions.

Jean Valente (Orange County and LA) maryjeanminister.com Custom designed ceremonies performed with beauty, grace and majesty

Justina Walford (Los Angeles) justinasplitid.com Does ceremonies and workshops at Split.Id theater in Hollywood

Rev. Randy H. Watson (San Diego) ReverendRHWgmail.com Performing and assisting in the Celebrations of Life, Weddings, Devotion Ceremonies, Baby Naming, Baptism, Confirmations, Funerals, Counseling and all other non-denominational Clergy services.

John M. Way, O.C.P. (Sonoma County) onewayproductionscomcast.net "A religion old or new, that stressed the magnificence of the universe as revealed by modern science, might be able to draw forth reserves of reverence and awe hardly tapped by the conventional faiths. So sooner or later such religion will emerge." ~Sagan

Marlene Winell (Berkeley) mwinellgmail.com

Reverend G. Randall Wright (Alameda) dragoneye2yahoo.com: provides any services, customized, entertainment inclusive.

Shanda Kay Vickery (Hollywood) some_misc_chichotmail.com

Jessica Vu-Ha, Ordained Clergy Person, (Orange County) jvuhasbcglobal.net. Bi-lingual (Vietnamese & English). Will work with you to customize a perfect ceremony for your wedding, wedding vows renewal, and baby naming that fits your budget. Prefer to work in California.

Daniel Yeager (Arleta) big_swiftyhotmail.com

Reverend Barby D. Young (Orange County) BarbyDYoungaol.com

Rev. Sharee Zimmerle-Garrison (Fresno) shareezgyahoo.com Available for weddings, life consulting, discussions of the spirit for all sectors. All earth based religions represented as well as traditional.


Right Reverend Joseph Alaimo (Ridgway/Ouray County) docjoeourayvet.com Serving those who wish to have a nonsecular wedding service in the high country or parks.

Michael Christianson (Colorado Springs) bigguglyXIImsn.com

Bobb Cramer, Minister of the 4 directions (Grand Junction) remington1858yahoo.com Performing wedding ceremonies,naming ceremonies funerals and baptisims.

Nancy J. Cronk (Centennial) interfaithpeaceaol.com
Weddings, commitment ceremonies, memorial services and more.

Rev. Sean P. Curley (Golden) sean.curleyspiritualhumanis.info Author of Humanism for Parents

Rev Richard L Dragon (Westminster, Adams County) NoExcuse_GetFitmsn.com Non-Traditional marriages (spiritual unions between same sex partners also welcome), funerals, baptisms, babynaming and any general spiritual needs.

Rev. Russell Erganbright (La Veta) erganbrightcomcast.net Spiritual advisor

Rachael Hectus (Adams County or Weld County) r_hectusyahoo.com

Christine Hodge (Colorado Springs) christineglenna

James Jackson (Littleton) Cobiohazard90aol.com

Drea Jennings, OCP hyppymomyahoo.com. Contact me for your wedding, baptism, or general spiritual needs;serving all of southern Colorado. Will travel anywhere in Colorado!!

Gary P. Keslar (Greeley) gary.keslarhotmail.com

David W. Knight (Denver) dwk123q.com Will perform weddings, memorials, rituals-ceremonies for all ages and occaisions with an emphasis on making your event especially meaningful. Open minded humanists and earth centered spiritualists encouraged to inquire for more information.

Rev. Audra J Krug D.M. sabiansrainmsn.com Personal and Confidential Counseling/Guidance/Support - Individuality and Spirituality with Confidence, non-traditional marriages

Rev James L Lagoski (Denver) fanofjims1hotmail.com

Rev. Marty Malkin D.D. (Denver) Blackha49aol.com

Universal Religious Philosopher Miriam McCarty mirmlzyahoo.com Weddings, namings, interfaith, non-traditional; all services catered to your personal wants and needs

Kenneth MacNeil (Colorado Springs) kendelmachotmail.com Spiritual Humanist Priest Third Generation Witch Serving all pagans through the Guidance of the Goddess. Handfastings , Renewal of Vows, Funerals, Baptisms, Advisor - Individual and Couples Counseling, Guidance, Naming Ceremonies, Coming of Age Ceremonies, Dedication Ceremonies, Wicca Ceremonies, Pagan Ceremonies, Druidic Ceremonies, Blessings, Solstices, Equinoxes, Rituals, Celebrations, Custom Rituals and Ceremonies.

Buddy McCoy (Colorado Springs) mayday_ministries25yahoo.com

Rev. Amy Meeves (Larimer County) revamysaintly.com
Handfastings, alternative marriage, funerals and remembrances, baby namings, and other requests taken.

Dr. Jane E. Meier, Minister (Littleton) DivineEnrgyWorkraol.com

Ka'e'a NiMarion (Huerfano County) toxicfreeamigo.net Weddings, partner joinings, funerals, celebrations, snow dances, solstice and equinox rites, miscellaneous Wiccan/Amerindian ceremonies, sweat lodges, counseling, intellectual discussions (except with Jehovah's Witnesses - no point there), peace and healing ceremonies; certified Healing Touch practitioner. Namaste'.

Dr. Kheti A. Sahure, D.D., Msc.D. Th.D. (Aurora), dr.kasahuregmail.com, Kemetic Wiccan Priest (Temple of Kemetic Wicca) specializing in Spiritual Counseling, Spellwork & Rituals, and Divination.

Reverend Aaron M. Shupp (Boulder) aaronshupphotmail.com
Available for Weddings, Baby Namings, or any other Religious Services. Hablo español.

Brian R. Smith, Peace Counselor (Denver) brsmithdisinfo.net

Rev Suzanne Starr Rev.Starr.SpiritofGodcomcast.net Pastoral Care, Wedding and Funeral Services

Minister Cindey Toth OCP - cindeylynyahoo.com I will perform weddings, domestic partner unions which include same-sex unions, handfastings, wedding vow renewals, baptisms, baby naming, and funerals. Other requests, please ask! I will work with you to make your ceremony as perfect & pleasing as possible

Nathan Vatcher (Colorado Springs) C_blazer_99yahoo.com

Nicole White dnwhiteweddingrsvpgmail.com. I am here to help make your special day special. All types of ceremonies performed, from traditional to non-traditional. Commitment ceremonies, naming's, funerals and memorial services also provided.


Stephanie Wiccian name = Miranda Bangengalaol.com ordained member of the clergy of The Church of Spiritual Humanism

Stephanie A. Borrelli (Middletown)TGR19316aol.com Ordained minister, life/spiritual healing and counseling, energy worker, aura and reiki healer for people and animals, home cleansings and blessings

Salvatore(Sal) Fiore (Enfield) salnyyank1cox.net

Theodore Guhl (Central Connecticut) tedguhlyahoo.com Will perform civil, interfaith, and non-denominational weddings and same sex unions and provide spiritual and life coaching. No fees, donations only.

Rev. E. Joten (New London and Windham Counties) canonblastersbcglobal.net Outdoor evening weddings and elopements

Anne LaCroix rashidanneearthlink.net Weddings,
funerals, handfasting, civil unions, renewal of vows, etc.

Steven Powers (Meriden) sjp2888sbcglobal.netKaren L. Taylor - tailoredmemoriescox.net. available for all ceremonies - unions, blessings, funerals, celebrations, last minute availability.

Mary C. Pugh (all of CT) Top Justice of the Peace serves entire state. Can perform destination weddings as a minister in most states. Non-denominational. Same sex marriage is legal in CT

Karen L. Taylor (Manchester) tailoredmemoriescox.net. available for all ceremonies - unions, blessings, funerals, celebrations, last minute availability.

Heidi J. Tuttle (Farmington) Minister of Peace HJTuttleJDaol.com Available for weddings.

David Vogt (Bridgeport) ctkickboxeryahoo.com


Lisa Franklin babylisajaol.com

Rev. Father Michael James (Dover) urbancowboy52974yahoo.com Available for weddings, funerals, baby namings.

Rev. Dr. Erik J. Mangini Newpreachercs.com

Mrs. Perez noramiperezaol.com Love, Hope, Faith & Peace, Ordained Clergy Spiritual Humanist, Funerals, Marriages,Baby Naming ect.(Se Habla Espanol)

Allan P. Post (Houston) Allan6416hotmail.com

Rev. Mark Remillard (Sothern Delaware) MarkRemillard49msn.com I can conduct the following services: Marriage, Baptism, Funerals Child dedications.

Reverend Jon Schladen (Wilmington) jschladengmail.com Performs Weddings, Baptisims, and Funerals

Robert Teitelbaum (Newark) robertteitelbaummsn.com

District of Columbia

Rev. Eric Eldritch E.Eldritchmac.com Available to co-create and officiate ecumenical, interfaith ceremonies which commemorate life's milestones: Weddings, Memorial Services, House Blessings and Rites of Passage including consultations and counseling: Pagan, Wicca, Shamanism and Queer Spirituality.

Gerald Filbin (DC, VA) jerry.filbinverizon.net Marriages, Commitment Ceremonies , Funerals/ Memorial Services.

Matthew Flinders matthew.flindersgmail.com I am happy to help other people get licensed in DC.

William Stuart Huffman (DC) w.stuart.huffmangmail.com

Amber King (DC & MD) kingdude2verizon.net

Rev. Marc Sable Laveau rev.sablegmail.com I am an interfaith minister and earth spiritual priest

Rev. Patrick R. Nelson (DC, Northern VA and Prince Georges, Howard, and Montgomeryand surrounding Counties, MD) Non-Denominational Marriage Ceremonies, Commitment Ceremonies, Handfastings, Memorial Services, Child Blessings/Wiccanings,House Blessings, Solstice/Equinox Rites, and most other Pagan/Wiccan events. Available in for those seeking non-traditional or Pagan/Wiccan religious services.

Demetrius Williams (DC, MD, VA) elderdemetriuswilliamsyahoo.com


Reynaldo Acosta reynaldousa.net

Reverend R.C. Allen (Jacksonville, Duval, Clay and St Johns counties) ReverendR.C.Allengmail.com Marriage and Funeral services performed. Email

Reverend Edward 0. Barnes (Central Florida) revedspaceling.com

Donald Beach (Cocoa Beach) donnybeachgmail.com

Geoffrey Bickford (Jacksonville) zingaro95hotmail.com

Richard L. Boswell (Port Orange) spiritual advice offered and will perform ceremonies that are legal in FL.

Martin Bregman, Ph.D. (Sarasota County) square49verizon.net Although trained as a Clinical Psychologist, I perform CHS Weddings, Baby Naming, Funerals as well as Spiritual Healing.

John A. Buchanan (Jacksonville) jabeau39live.com FL

Ray Cooper (Brooksville) rayefclive.com

Druid Andrea Coumarian (Quincy) danu9tds.net

Dr. Rev. Fr. Ernest C.M. Curci, II, MBA, PhD (Central and south Florida) ernie_curcihotmail.com

Rev Frank L. Dame (Clearwater) fdameyahoo.com Non-Denominational Marriage Ceremonies, Affirmations of Love

Right Reverend Anthony F D'Ascoli (Miami) adascoli3874aol.com

Martin J. Davis (Tampa) martinjdavisverizon.net Mariage ceremonies

Roberta Davis (Tallahassee, Leon County) rds1959gmail.com. I am available to do marriages

William Delmore (Escambia Co.) sandalshoefighteryahoo.com Dedicated Spiritual Benefactor (Magister Templi) ; Marriages, Christenings, Spiritual Cermonies

Courtney Eslick cle78msn.com

Rev. falonMOON falonmoonyahoo.com I will perform ceremonies for any form of relationship, regardless of faith or sexual
orientation. Interfaith ceremonies, all rites of passage, memorials, house blessings and more.

Stacey Fernandez (Tampa Bay) WeddingsbyStaceyaol.com

Fernando Filipe (Disney Area) bondj93413aol.com E-Mail me for weddings and child naming relaxed wedding anywhere you want.

Rev. Kenneal Finch ( Washington County) Notary Public in the State of Florida. Will provide services for non denominational ceremonies Theme weddings also. Email me At Kennywrayjuno.com anytime. My hours are from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Central time. Monday through Saturday.

Dofin A. Fritts (Escambia County) Gyrocfi1gmail.com

Frank Giddings (Jacksonville) j12411-24275246yahoo.com

Willie Green (Vero Beach) wgreen2juno.com

Emily Diane Gunter edgunterritesofpassageonline.org

Teri Hiltz (Orlando) elmntl1yahoo.com For those looking for non denominational and wiccan clergy. I live in Orlando FL USA and am also a notary. I provide mobile services for marriages, handfastings, blessed unions, funerary memorials and others. I have custom services for those who wish to have a formal or casual service. Please e-mail for more info.

Wendy Hotaling (Clearwater) whisperwitchnetzero.net Marriages, Handfastings, Memorial Ceremonies, Baby namings.

Robert Howe Lite Worker (Satellite Bch) litefx2000yahoo.com

Julie Ingram, B.S. Psychology (Interlachen) julie.ingramcomcast.net

Ital Iman I: ital39hotmail.com I am Of The Rastafari Faith living here in north Florida; if any one seeking a wedding im available; also do house blessing, baby naming ceromonies, natural childbirthing adviser/natural healing consultant.

Deborah Keister Zyralaol.com

Rev. Ronald B. Keys, JD, PhD, (Broward County) rkeysphdgmail.com available for standard religious services/ceremonies, pastoral counseling including spiritual direction and guidance

Dr. Jeffry Kozlowski, D.D. pastorworldnetministry.org
Non-denominational minister for short notice or planned events.

Roy E. Landis, Jr. (Melbourne) rpkalandbellsouth.net

Kathryn Leathers (Orlando) katkate43yahoo.com Ordained Officiant: For non-traditional, non-denominational weddings, commitments, or other services.

Universal Rabbi Brad McLaughlin (Northeast Florida) bmclaughlinse.rr.com Metaphysician, Kabbalist, and Teacher of Theosopy; Expert in Paganism, Witchcraft, Demonology, Various forms of Magick, Herbalism, Shamanism, Spiritual Warfare in both Christian and Secular forums. Ordained for Marriage, Handfasting, Renewal of Marriage Vows, and Funeral Services and Spiritual Counseling.

Katherine Miller-Collins (Clearwater) lastingimpressionslive.com
I do weddings, renewal of vows, baptism, baby name dedications and any other service
that would require a member of the Ccergy.

Reverend Belinda Missen (Tampa, Ruskin, Apollo Beach, Gibsonton, Riverview, Brandon,Valrico, Sarasota and Orlando) reverendbelindayahoo.com

Rev. "Avi" JS Nam-Roach (Melbourne) universal_humanistearthlink.net All phases of celebrant services and spiritual guidance. Local volunteer coordinator for florida area. Meditation group meetings available at no fee.

Erica Nash revladywitchyahoo.com I am a non-denominational minister. I do both local, and out of town weddings.

Dan O'Keefe (Sebring) dokeefearthlink.net Secular wedding celebrations designed with your interests and needs. Serving southern Florida

Mark Perdue (Daytona, and all of Volusia County) xusmcperdueyahoo.com , Former U.S. Marine, Specialize in assisting prior military, Will perform unusual weddings, ceremonies, Funerals, biker weddings, Blessing Bike runs. Can customize services for you. No task to great!

Jeri Lynn Platt (Broward County) shining light 67aol.com
The lighthouse for lost souls, specializing in grief support, counseling terminal teens, memorializing, teen issues, and all ceremonies and rites honoring love, natural and universal forces-for all ages.

Angel Poveromo (West Palm Beach) poopahineyhotmail.com

mzelite1netscape.net (Lake Worth) contact me only if the love is their and the heart shines out.

Rev. M. Evander Raulston, Jr., BS, MSP Revandermraulston.com Officiate services, advice and counsel, perspective and guidance on life issues

Rev. Amy Reed (Stuart) reed_amybellsouth.net Priestess of the Correllian Nativist Church. Fully and legally ordained member of the Correllian Clergy. Entitled to all the rights and privileges granted to an ordained minister in accordance with all applicable laws. Will perform coming of Age ritual, Handfasting/wedding ritual, and lesser funeral rituals. I work closely with my clients to add their personal touches and intentions. www.mind-bodyconnections

Charlesa Kaye Rogers (Putnam County) tendermotheryahoo.com. I use my talent of crocheting and sewing to help others through Hospice Care and Domestic Violence Shelters, by making blankets for those less fortunate. I also try to help out wherever I can.

Gerard R. Schulmeyer (Clearwater) blackartsoneyahoo.com Traditional Pagan Sabbats and Esbats, Counseling, Teaching, Handfastings (marriages), Handpartings (dissolution of marriages), Wiccanings (baptisms), Funerals, as well as various Magickal Rites Operations including Divination, Necromancy, Protection and the like. This I Believe: Paganism/Witchcraft with an ancient Kabalistic Tradition

Jason Shapiro (Miami) croceanaol.com

Rev. Norma Supel (Clearwater) falonmoonyahoo.com
Wedding Officiant: Ordained minster and Florida Notary
available in the Tampa Bay area

Chaplain Joy Cheyenne Taylor (Clearwater, Pinellas County) chaplaintaylorearthlink.net Performing ceremonies and services for all human beings

Minister of Healing Armando Tello (Miami-Dade County) telloaaol.com Aqui se habla Espanol

Reverend J. Mark Tillery (Ocala) jmtillerygmail.com I perform weddings, officiate at funerals and provide spiritual counseling to anyone of any faith.

John Tronconi
(Deland) jctronconiyahoo.com

O.C.P. Richard Truluck (Hawthorne) heapitonyahoo.com Fellowship services, discussions, and spiritual awareness

Christopher Villafane (Orlando) c_villafaneyahoo.com

Lisa Waddell (Jacksonville) wyvernwaddellgmail.com Wiccan and pagan wedding planning.

Rev. JeanneMarie Wagner (St. Petersburg0 allsoulsinchristaol.com Blessed will be the day that we can all play well in each others sandboxes.

Dru Ann Welch (New Smyrna Beach) dwelch16cfl.rr.com Non-Denominational minister for all your spiritual needs. Florida notary public, life counselor, acoustic therapist. Marraige ceremonies, handfastings and all unions; funerals, requiems and celebration of life ceremonies

Magus Vicar Ken Wensel (Broward County) cntdemonybellsouth.net Available for ceremonies, rituals and blessings for those of all paths.

Caroline E. Williams (Collier/Lee/Charlotte Counties) naplescarolineswfla.rr.com Also Notary Public in the State of FLA.

Lady Angel Winges, H.Ps. (Pensacola) angel.wingesgmail.com psychic readings, aura readings, wholistic healing, Near Death counseling, near death experiencer, Reiki Master, Handfastings and weddings of all sexual orientations, wiccanings, christenings, coming of age ceremonies, house cleansing, house blessings, pastoral counseling, and passing ceremonies/funerals, moon rites and sabbats.

James W. Worley (Tampa) JamesJamesWorley.com P.O. Box 290362 Tampa, Fl 33687-0362 www.JamesWorley.com

Dr. Lance Zeidman D.D., (South Florida) emaillance01yahoo.com Spiritual Humanist, Ordained Clergyman, Rabbi, able to perform Weddings/Marriages, Baby welcoming, Funerals, Affirmation of Love Ceremonies, Baby Naming commitment ceremonies free of charges and fees.

Sherri Zurick (Orlando) SzurickHotmail.com or ZuricksBellsouth.Net I perform ceremonies for Weddings, Baby Naming, Invocation, Handfastings and other miscellous ceremonies.


David M. Ballengee (Houston County) ogawo2aol.com

Rev.Teirsha Brogdon (Dade County/Lookout Mtn) purplebuttrfly2006yahoo.com I have a docorate of divinity and am here for all types of counseling,weddings, handfastings, same sex unions, funerals, spiritual counseling, renewal of vows, home blessings, baptisms, and native american needs

Adam Callaway (Rome) PyroNismo2004aol.com Will preform wedding at your Special Events, CarShow, BikeRallys, Etc.

Vann Chapman (West Georgia) mvanncwindstream.net Spiritual weddings, affirmations of love, dedications, funerals, vow renewals and other secular and spiritual ceremonies

Reverend Teiko Clemens rev.teikoclemensgmail.com

Barry Coffsky (Marietta) bpcoffskyyahoo.com Will do Weddings, baby naming and Funerals.

Brother JP Cooper (Savannah) Brother.John.P.Coopergmail.com, Open to all religions and I do believe in same sex marriages, unions, and ceremonies. as long as there is love.. then it should happen.

Bob DeStefanis (Johns Creek) eurobob1yahoo.com

Imen Edmond (Metro Atlanta) angelplannersyahoo.com www.yourweddingtips.com
Officiant services for Marriage/Weddings, Baby Naming, Hand Fasting, Commitment, Affirmation of Love, Invocations, Renewal of

Rev. Crystal French (Savannah) thefrenchfolksaol.com

Steven Hasting (Stockbridge) sdh0220hotmail.com I am here to help anyone with spiritual questions, guidance, or problems.

Gary Jackson (Chatsworth) medic970excite.com. weddings, funerals,etc

Joel Love (Atlanta) Thelemic minister available for spiritual counseling, weddings, baby naming, handfastings, and other religious needs.

Faith Meaney (Monticello) meaneyfaceyahoo.com kind words are free should anyone have a need

Bryan A McReynolds (Warner Robins) bryan.mcreynoldsgmail.com Performs wedding and
handfasting services, home blessings and cleansings; available for workwith paranormal investigators. By appointment only, contact a week in advance.

Anthony Meoli tonymeolilive.com

Vickie McCallister (Jasper/Pickens County) kvmccallisteryahoo.com, Available to perform traditional legal weddings, handfastings and commitment ceremonies and other rituals agreed upon with clients

Dr. Russell E. Phelps, N.D., Ph.D. dr.russphelpsyahoo.com Perform weddings, dedications, counseling, funerals with or without Military Rights

Lady Angel Phoenix (Beverly Sutor-OCP) (Chatham County) angelphytehotmail.com for spiritual ceremonies, weddings, handfastings, commitments, namings and funerals.

Peace Counselor Mojo S. Po (Atlanta) ARoninPhilosopheryahoo.com

Matthew Powell (Augusta) mpowell76gmail.com I can perform any requested ceremony or provide a level of pastoral care.

Emissary Eva Ravenwood (Atlanta) evaravenwoodyahoo.com Marriage, baby naming, funeral celebrations, handfasting, commitment, affirmation of love, invocations, renewal of marriage, acknowledgement of ancestors and holiday ceremonies.

Reverend/Priestess Branwyn-Gwynneth Reeves (Cherokee County) branwynbellsouth.net for non-religious or non-traditional ceremonies such as weddings, handfastings, naming ceremonies, funerals.

David Taglialatela dtag73pbyahoo.com

Jamie L. Towe (Gainesville) JLTowe83hotmail.com Available for non-traditional, traditional, handfasting & renewal wedding ceremonies.

Randolph Walter (Gainesville) mysticmaster777yahoo.comRev.

Kenny Whetstone (Cobb County) fatherindigoministries.org
High Priest of Indigo Ministries. I am a multi-denominational minister that performs all standard and non-standard duties.


Charles Davis P.O. Box 27479, GMF GU 96921 seedy3_98yahoo.com


CKahu Alalani Hill (Maui) Weddings with full coordination and beach permits when needed, vow renewals, commitments, civil union, blessings of every form, funerals and scattering, cleansing, spiritual counseling, baby blessings

heryl A.H. Padaken (Maui & All Islands) cpadakenhotmail.com Non-religious island wide ceremonies.Marraige,Weddings,baby naming,commitment,love affirmations,etc

Reverend George "Keoki" Sousa keokimaui.net As a Hawaiian cultural practitioner I perform traditional and non-traditional non-denominational wedding ceremonies including marriages, commitments and civil unions; vow renewals; and blessing ceremonies for new beginnings (e.g., homes, property, projects, programs, organizations); and funeral services and celebrations.

Julie D. Wirtz (Kauai) kauaiofficiantgmail.com Meaningful humanist wedding ceremonies and vow renewals, secular funeral services and baby blessings for atheist or agnostic families and those who consider themselves spiritual but not religious.

Minister Gregory L Woodard (Maui) glwmauigmail.com. Available for weddings, funerals, baby namings.

Heath Wyld (Maui) hhwyldgmail.com Non-religious Maui beach weddings, funerals, memorial services, and ash
scatterings at Haleakala National Park



Kenneth Evans (Lewiston) redheadx2cableone.net

Nicolle K. Foster (Boise) mariposajunglemate.com

Douglas E. Gadwa (Moscow) Gadwasmoscow.com I do weddings based on reason and tradition, helping others improve their growth and fulfillment as a family.

Rev. James William Kaler (Pocatello) kalejameisu.edu

Mark D. Reaney, Jr., O.C.P. (Lewiston) markreaneycableone.net Traditional/non-traditional, non-denominational weddings, commitments, or other services. Idaho and N.E. Oregon

Jon Roberts eagleperchpeoplepc.com

Reverend Thomas A. Roberts tdwerxmsn.com Available for officiation of wedding/affirmation, baptismal and other ceremonies as well as counseling in an ecumenical-interfaith paradigm.


Thomas Allred Sr. (Alton) tallredsryahoo.com

Rev. Raymond E. Belstner, Jr. (Chicagoland)

Jamie Brauer (Rockford) revJBminister.com

Max Burg (Chicago) Gorgonchildaol.com

David Carr (Aurora) dccarrquietdragons.com

Brian E Copher (Marion) cellarmidamer.net

Robert Council 808councilgmail.com I am available for funeral services , marriage services and ceremonial occasions.

Beth M. Downs (Chicago area) hextraordinary13gmail.com I am a Pagan high priestess with over 20 yrs. practice and an artist focusing on gemstone healing jewelry, Pagan decor, ritual items, and custom ceremonial pieces.

Rev. Kurt A. Fondriest (Chicago) Glindaboyaol.com "THE HEALING SEED" promoting spiritual healing through personal growth.

Scott Ferling (Winnebago) lonewolf7761088yahoo.com

Joanne C. Gaddy (Chicago) joanneamethystengagements.com. Individually designed ceremonies. All lifestyles are welcome and will be treated with respect.

Carl Giranio (Chicago) giraniogmail.com

Jennifer Hott (Boone County) jenspetdragonyahoo.com Non-denominational services, pagen services, will do weddings, funerals, baby naming, holidays, couneling, same sex unions, baptisims, ect. please e-mail for more information!

Sandy Kim (Carbondale area) Skim5169gmail.com

Megan Larmer (Chicago) meganlarmergmail.com

Reverend Father Travis F.W. Litke (Valparaiso) sacredchaoverizon.net Practitioner and arbiter of all spiritually and legally binding religious ceremonies and rituals

Jennifer E. Mall (Streamwood, Cook County) summerdrifthotmail.com

Mary Moeller (Galesburg) simplypsychic2002yahoo.com
I am available for counseling, grief, and marriage and baptisms.

Sandra B. Mongillo sandy2227sbcglobal.net

Revernd Gerald D. Moulders Jr (Rockford) g.mouldersyahoo.com

Jan P. Muhammad (Carbondale) janpsiu.edu I am available to perform funerals and weddings upon request

Dawn Smith aka Nascita (Paris) nascita73msn.com

Joseph Nootens (McHenry County) jonilystearthlink.net

Rebecca S. Osterberg, Peace Counselor (Belvidere) LIONHART2Xaol.com

Michelle Oxman (Evanston) michelleaceremony4u.com

Alex Pearl, Guru (Tinley Park) alexpearl1yahoo.com

Reverend Jim Rathburn Jr. (Colona) streetrodder4everhotmail.com Thank

Rev. Jonathan A. (Jack) Reich (DeKalb) humanist7yahoo.com  Customized ceremonies, services, rites of passage of all kinds; available for counseling, speaking, and consulting; life coaching.

Michele Rose (Chicagoland area) MRoseWeddingsgmail.com I create and officiate personalized ceremonies honoring life's milestone. Weddings and funerals, specializing in interfaith, non-religious, and non-denominational ceremonies. Working with couples, I create ceremonies affirming your love, while acknowledging, honoring, and respecting different religions, cultures, and customs. Personalized remembrance ceremonies provide a meaningful beginning to the healing process, confirming the significance of your loved one's life and the relationship you shared.

Carol Savorgino (Lake County) slvrunicorn1comcast.net

Jaimie Savorgino (Lake County) Jaimiebbcaol.com

William J. Sears AModernMerlinaol.com

C. Fred Shelabarger (Central Illinois) fshelabargergmail.com I am available for marriage ceremonies, funerals, and counseling (especially veterans).

Jerrold Tenuto (Normal) tneuchmsn.com A Matured Hipster and Liberal Free-Thinker, I'm okay with travel, centrally-located to bring joy around McLean County and throughout the state.

Tonya L. Ussery (Jersey County) whiterose4991yahoo.com

Anita Vaughan (Des Plaines) anitawedsgmail.com As a certified celebrant, I can help you create a personalized, unique ceremony. Weddings, commitment ceremonies, vow renewals, or any ceremonies that will help you celebrate your love!

Tracey Walczak Tracey.Walczakcomcast.net

Brian s Watkins (Bloomington) frogit67yahoo.com

Mark Winiars hellodigitalgmail.com

Adam Wittig (Lake County) IronSheiksbcglobal.org

Katy Zacharias (Macomb) im_katyyahoo.com Casual or formal ceremonies and rituals, custom wedding services, non denominational marriage ceremonies, handfastings, handpartings, domestic partner unions (including same-sex unions), theme weddings, parting of the ways ceremonies, baby naming and baby welcoming, house blessings,rites of passage, hospital visits and funerals and memorial services, full moon, new moon, solstice and equinox celebrations, animal naming and funerals. I will undertake all Humanist ceremonies.


Benjamin Anderson (Greensburg) Ben.Andersontrilogycrew.com Will do Perform spiritual and non-spiritual weddings.

"Skydancer" Elyse Bontrager B.A. (Osceola) SkyDancer_Moonmsn.comLight worker- Spiritual advisor/counselor, will perform weddings, funerals, baby naming, coming of age ceremonies

Shebaz Butt (Indianapolis) Beezlebubcomcast.net

Kevin R. Byrd, Ph.D. (Indianapolis) byrdkegmail.com)

Rev. Tiffany Delger (Allen County) tndelgeryahoo.com

Chad Followell (Indianapolis) indyfury2000yahoo.com

Sister Janet Fullen (Indianapolis) sisterjanet.fullenaol.com I perform civil, interfaith, and non-denominational weddings, same sex unions/weddings, renewal of vows, home blessings, baptisms, baby naming and blessings, funerals, memorial services. I am more than happy to personalize a ceremony to your needs.

Ian U. Girdley (Bloomington) daeshim_yuwayahoo.com
Non-denominational and Civil Services: Weddings, Funerals, Handfasting, Affirmation of Love, and other requests.

Christ Haynes (Hagerstown) misfitmaster472comcast.net Wiccan Priest that can performing traditional handfastings, weddings, unions, affirmations of love, baby namings, christenings,funerals and rememberance ceremonies.

Dorretta Haynes (Hagerstown) dhaynes472comcast.net Wiccan Priestess who can perform traditional and non-traditional weddings (not just wiccan), handfasting, baby namings, funerals, commitment, affirmation of love, renewal of marriages, and holiday ceremonie. I perform all of my clergy duties unbiasely.

Minister Emily Hernandez (Porter County) sacredspiritchildverizon.net I specialize in weddings, same sex unions, wedding vow renewals, Affirmations of Love, blessings, house blessings, funerals, pet funerals, spiritual guidance and counseling. I am ordained in the Church of Spiritual Humanism. Other requests, please ask! I will work with you to make your ceremony as perfect & pleasing as possible

Leonard Hill (Nappanee) ministrywiseone.zzn.com Services performed: weddings, funerals, all religious services (or civil)

Rev. Lewis C Jones (Indianapolis) reverendjonessbcglobal.net Services performed: Non Denominational and Pagan services weddings, funerals, all religious services (or civil).

Michelle N. Keplinger (Hanover/Madison) ssteamboat1959aol.com Available for Weddings (Traditional and Theme), Spiritual Ceremonies, Nondenominational Ceremonies. I am open to different concepts, ideas or traditions.

Cristal Lewis (Elnora) cristal17498hotmail.com Will perform weddings, funerals, baby naming and ect. Ordained and ready to make your special or centimental occasion as perfect as you would want it to be.

Minister Deborah Locklear (MI and IN) Deblockleargmail.com. Performing the desired service for all occasions weddings, funerals, commitment ceremonies.

Rev David Allen Logsdon (Lake Station) freakmail866yahoo.com

Patrick O'Brien OCP (Salem), OBIE47165YAHOO.COM non denominational services

Sherry Ortega (Goshen) sherry46526yahoo.com

Stephanie Romansky-Devine (Indianapolis) soulchaser24yahoo.com

Reverend Tom Russell (Knox) tcrusselltcrpro.com

Mark Shoffner (Huntington) outlaw70localnet.com

Pastor Maria Sisco (Valparaiso) mariasweddings1yahoo.com Perform marriages, elopements, commitments, funerals, baptisms

Rev. Dr. David Stembaugh, DD (Lafayette) Emptycrossmimistriesyahoo.com

Robert W Vest (Floyd) robertwvestgmail.com Secular ceremonies, including weddings and funerals.

Rev. Michael Wagner (Greenfiled, IN.) spiritspeakersyahoo.com

Patrick Williams (Hanover) williap962aol.com Performing non-denominational ceremonies including marriage, alternative lifestyles , non-traditional, and individual with a flexible schedule.

Ken Winans (Clark county) matocetanhotmail.com non denominational services for weddings, funerals, blessings for home, child, adults, list what you need in subject line.

Beth A Zeilstra (Bloomington/Bloomfield) bzeilstra1967hotmail.com Non-denominational ordained minister will perform any and all wedding ceremonies.


Dave Jag-Dave_77hotmail.com

Rev. Lucas Allen (Twin Falls, Idaho) Preforming any and all of your spiritual needs.

Robert Ball (Council Bluffs) the_voice_of_daveyahoo.com All denominations welcome. Still in study.Can and will research any rituals.

Reverend Randy Brush (Grinnell) randy.brushgmail.com

Rev. Karen Davis ChurchWithNoWallsyahoo.com or RevKarenDavisyahoo.com http://www.geocities.com/ChurchWithNoWalls/

Pastor Kenneth Dodson (Des Moines) kdodsonfreedomforyouth.org
Marriages, Funerals, Counseling, Whatever the Lord would lead

Cory J. Gleason (Des Moines) LuckyUrgeDJ.com Weddings and Commitment Cer

Rev. Steven Gosden (Cedar Rapids) s.gosdenmchsi.com I do weddings, funerals, baptisms, all non-denominational.

John Graham (Des Moines) john.grahamdrake.edu

Michael S. Lawton Bbaa1376gmail.com

Janean Lown (Cedar Rapids) janjrylownyahoo.com Weddings, handfastings, affirmations of love, wiccanings, rites of birth, adult transitions, rituals of childhood, dedication ceremonies, naming rituals, funerals, rituals of separation, handparting.

Lic. Dr. J. Wm. Moreland Esq. (Sioux City) morelandjwmcableone.net Ceremonies can be conducted in English or Spanish

Christina J. Murphy (Burlington-Des Moines County) cjm1766yahoo.com. Performing non-denominational ceremonies including marriage ceremonies with a flexible schedule.

Billy Ross III (Mahaska County) clarity059gmail.com

Rev. Julie Schmidt (Des Moines) schmidt617msn.com All weddings

Susan M. Schuld (Cedar Falls) susanschuldgmail.com

John Wentzien bassgitrlisco.com


Reverend Michael Alldaffer (Wichita and Greater Metropolitan area) alldaffyahoo.com. I will work with families and individuals for ceremonies to include: weddings, hand-fastings, unions, affirmations of love, baby namings, funerals, wakes, and celebrations of the seasons. All ceremonies will be personalized to meet the needs of those involved.

Tina Bulington (Wichita, Newton, Hutchinson ect.)webmastertheweddingmaker.com

Reverend Cathyrn Colton (Johnson County in Kansas
Clay and Jackson counties in Missouri) cathyrncoltonsbcglobal.net

Reverend Andrew Davis (Wichita) andrewdavis1att.net I help people celebrate the high points and work through the low points of life with individualized ceremonies: weddings, handfastings, unions, affirmations of love, baby namings, funerals, wakes, and celebrations of the seasons.

William J. Hartshorn (Hayes) kanimawildglobe.com

Judilee Noell (Wichita). j_j_noellyahoo.com

Jerry Peacher (Overland Park) chimneyman4u1aol.com. Handfastings, Pagan Weddings, and Rituals, can work with any pagan tradition of your choosing.

Ashley D. WallisRiley (Fort Riley) Sparrow-househotmail.com wedding officiant duties, non-denominational, including wiccan and agnostic, counseling, and more.

James R Warner (Junction City) disturbedkobrayahoo.com Wiccan services and spiritual support counseling

Reverend Susan A. Yetter (Kansas City Metro and Surrounding areas) SAWYetteraol.com Weddings, Funerals, etc. (Indicate ceremony type in Subject Line.)


Libby (Meddum) Beard (Adair County) beardduo-county.com

Rev. Joshua Zayne Denny (Wayne Co.) pendragonsdaddy420yahoo.com

Shavonn DuFrane (Louisville) MadHattersLette502yahoo.com Anytime, doesn't matter, day or night, if you need a priestess. I'm the one for you, race, color, sexual preference, doesn't matter to me. I also have a partner who can do flowers also.

Elilonniah (Pikeville) elilonniahmsn.com Will perform ceremonies based on approval.

Lisa Estes (Eubank) silent_legacy_2000yahoo.com Will Do weddings for All sexes. Also commitment ceremonies, Funerals, etc.

.Karen Ephyria (Louisville) ephyriahotmail.com
Celebrating rites of time, place, & passage: birth through end-life, handfasting/marriage/vow renewal, house blessing, honoring the seasons; background: world religions & cosmologies, music therapy; welcome: people of all races & sexual orientations

Matt Gaylor (Lagrange) thefallen1821aol.com Will do wedings, funerals, etc. on approval.

Jeremiah Hall (Newport) djehallhotmail.com

Larena Mitchell (Hopkinsville) Valkyryeaol.com

Tina Moore (Louisville) stargazer7insightbb.com 9am to 2pm everyday. All sexes. Linsencened though you. Iam wiccan, but do all kinds of weddings. Have partner that does food and any decarations. Rates are based on length and size of wedding.

Wayne Moore (Ft. Campbell) Wayniac_69att.net

Michael W. Neal (Richmond) grandmaster12juno.com

Steven P. Nohe, OCP (Lexington) wythe48yahoo.com

Monsieur Ramon Priddy (Paducah) rmpriddyyahoo.com

Bernd Sauermann (Gracey) bsauermannhughes.net

Evangelist Kellin Shepperd (Cynthiana) Ordained cergy, spiritual Humanist) affirmations of love, dedication ceremonies, commitment ceremonies, prayer, GLBT commitment.

James Stewart (Louisville) jlstewinsightbb.com

Col. Dennis R. Wagner (Covington) freespirit39fuse.net or lionxxxxfuse.net


Reverend Pamela Bradley (Lafayette) marriagesbypamelayahoo..com Traditional, civil, interfaith, and non-denominational weddings, same sex unions, handfastings, renewal of vows, home blessings, baptisms, baby namings, pet memorials. Custom written vows and ceremonies.

Rev. Carol Ann (Morgan City) carolsouzaatt.net Registered in St. Mary Parish, all welcome. Marriage ceremonies, funerals, baby naming, same sex ceremonies

Jason Creppel (Natchitoches) solwyn.valkyriegmail.com

Rev. Norman Ray Frost Jr. (Baldwin) new-age-essentialscox-internet.com Specializing in Civil and Religious Ceremonies, Handfastings, Vow Renewal, non-denominational, secular or eclectic weddings, Wiccanings/child blessings, & other rites of passage, Same sex partners always welcome, House and Office Blessings
Memorials, Funerals, All Paths accepted, Cost negotiable, Licensed in Louisiana, Will Travel.

Rev Jeffery Guidry (Calcasieu Parish ) jeffguidry2009yahoo.com I don't have much experience, but I love seeing reasonable people come together to make a life for themselves as one. I perform both traditional and non-traditional weddings and at sea.

Rev. Donald Glen Hale (Bastrop) houndawg97hotmail.com

Cole Hands (Lecompte) Holliday03aol.com

Rev. Brittain Johnson (New Orleans) faereoneyahoo.com

Addy Morales addyvictoriahotmail.com

Rev. Steven Redstone (Jefferson Parish) RevStevecox.net

Rabbi Stephan Russ (Missouri, Louisiana) I am available for all religious ceremonies, religious education and mediation spr55yahoo.com

Jason Smith (Ouachita) nycon420hotmail.com I would perform any traditional or non-traditional ceremony!

Minister Murray Tate (New Orleans) murrayneworleans.com Weddings, and Affirmation of Love ceremonies, Funerals, any other requests....just E mail. All of Southeast Louisiana. I will perform ceremonies in unique places (swamps, riverboats, skydiving, oil rigs, Bourbon Street, Mardi Gras & JazzFest)

Rev. Danny Lee Turner D.D. (Lafayette Parish) revdannylturnerbellsouth.net I do weddings, baptisms, dedications, house blessing, pet blessings, and any other spiritual needs that you may need.

Dr. David Yarbrough (Lafayette) infodavidyarbrough.com. Traditional, civil, interfaith, and non-denominational, and same sex weddings. Custom written vows and ceremonies


James Brittain (Bath) jbcareeraol.com

Luke Curtis (Augusta, Maine) lincoln1966gmail.com

Rev Michael Cyr (Belgrade Lakes) mcyrprestile.com

Laurie S. Dell (Brunswick) lsdellsuscom-maine.net Traditional & non-traditional wedding and commitment ceremonies performed

Anthony Dingley (Harrison) tony_dingleyyahoo.com
weddings and other services

Jessica S. Herling jessicaherlingyahoo.com Performing Marriage Unions

Pastor Yvette LaRochelle(Corinna) Y.larochellemyfairpoint.net

Harold E. Murray (Bangor) vra25yahoo.com or bangorghosthotmail.com Non denominational Performance marriage and funerals

Tracy Seekins (Waldo County) sisterjinxmsn.com For those looking for non denominational and wiccan clergy; offering spiritual guidance, performing weddings and funerals.

Tina Schneider (Portland) tinaschneidermaine.rr.com


Laura Adams (Southern Md.) llaura.adamsgmail.com I perform weddings, handfastings, commitment ceremonies, renewal of vows,affirmation ceremonies, handpartings, wiccanings, house blessings,dedications, etc. Available in Southern Maryland for those seeking traditional andnon-traditional or pagan/Wiccan religious services

Sandra Bearden (Woodstock) srbeardverizon.net

R. Gary Blankenship (Baltimore) wedding officiant serving the greater metro area garblnkyahoo.com

Rev. Kirsten Blom-Westbrook (Baltimore, all of MD and Greater Chesapeake region including DE/NoVA/SoPA/DC) Honored to perform your spiritual, religious and civil wedding, baby welcoming, commitment ceremonies, memorials and funerals.

Virginia L. Carson (MD, VA and D.C.) ginny.carsongmail.com I am an ordained non-denominational minister covering MD, VA and D.C. who truly wants you to have your personal values and beliefs reflected for all to see on your special day. I am here to provide a service that meets your needs. I want you to have your wedding your way!

Mellisa Colimore (Baltimore), bakermellisayahoo.com . Traditional & non-traditional wedding and commitment ceremonies performed; references available upon request.

Rachael Goldman (Baltimore) rachaelgoldmanyahoo.com

Emissary Russell Wm. Hultgren (Central Maryland) russell.hultgrengmail.com, Weddings, funerals, blessing of infants, healings of the sic.

Bruce D. Kelly (MD, PA, WV, DC, NYC) brucekellydosissolaprolance.com Non-denominational, interfaith weddings and spiritual services. Other locations
by request.

Ellen Kutzer OCP (Baltimore) emmkutzergmail.com

Right Reverend James Laisure (Baltimore) RightReverendJimcomcast.net Weddings, babynamings, eulogies, hand fastings, and renewal of vows.

James A Langer james_langercomcast.net

Rev. Dr. Erik J. Mangini CapitalsMpeoplepc.com Conducts all Sacerdotal Services; Spiritual Healing and Counseling Services are also offered by Interfaith Seminary and Bible Colege graduate.

Jeannie McConnell HPs jeannie2030aol.com

Jenny Meetre (Bowie) jmeetreyahoo.com

Rev. Patrick R. Nelson (DC, Northern VA and Prince Georges, Howard, and Montgomeryand surrounding Counties, MD) Non-denominational marriage ceremonies, commitment ceremonies, handfastings, memorial services, child blessings/wiccanings, house blessings, solstice/equinox rites, and most other pagan/wiccan events.

Rabbi Jeremy Neufeld jeremy.l.neufeldgmail.com Marriages, baby naming ceremonies, funeral services, invocations, and holiday ceremonies for a small fee. Only accepts money in the narrowest sense (i.e. no fiat money or fiduciary media).

Jean M. Neal
I am currently available for weddings in Maryland

Don O'Rourke (Baltimore) saccavadihotmail.com Long term meditator and conflict resolution mediator.

Reverend Jeanette Garcia Polasky (Elkridge) j.g.polaskygmail.com

Reverend Jacob Polasky (Elkridge) alloutwarsawhotmail.com I am also registered in the District of Columbia, Ohio, and West Virginia. Weekly outdoor meditation sessions are held at our Elkridge location. I will perform wedding ceremonies for people of all backgrounds.

Rev. Joseph T. Pula (Parkville) JPulaaol.com

Vance Rogers (Baltimore, Annapolis, SoMD) vancejoseph79gmail.com "I'm here for you."

Patricia Saunders (Delmarva/Wicomico/Worchester/and Somerset) skyesmedicineyahoo.com Nondenominational ordained clergy member who would love to be a part of honoring your legal marriage on the eastern shore of MD. Christian by birth and education, Native American spiritualist, versed in Wiccan practices I can offer whatever type of ceremony you prefer.

Danny Stone (Baltimore) shamanlordcavtel.net Peace Mediator for most situations. Former management professional, focused on helping others in need; will reply to all inquiries, even if you just want to talk.

Virginia Swift (Delmar, Wicomico County) Starstrider2aol.com

P. Bryan Trautman (Eastern Shore) absolutemoonwildblue.net

Robert Elmer Utter (Middle River) utterruttaol.com I will perform any and all wedding ceremonies, baby naming ceremonies, affirmations of love, rites of birth, adult transitions, rituals of childhood, dedication ceremonies, naming rituals, funerals, rituals of separation, handparting, handfastings, and anything else an ordained clergy person would perform

Vernon Wieder rev.vjwiedergmail.com

Penelope Weinberger (Montgomery County) pz_weinbergerhotmail.com Registered in DC, Celebrations, ceremonies. Deeply committed to the Spiritual Humanist ethos.


Craig Appel (Middlesex Co.) acebrosgmail.com

Philip Carey (Spider) Alton (West Newton) saltonfressenden.org Caring, creative and personal services. E-mail for references or examples.

Altheia Biaterana (Southeastern Mass.) ANGELSPIRIT1aol.com I will do Gay Unions, Weddings, Going Home ceremonies.

Matt Cadorette mattcadorettehotmail.com

David Paul Cullen (Methuen) davidcullencomcast.net

Lady Rhiannin Dieter HPS (Buffalo) sacredcircle2kgmail.com Commitment Ceremonies, Handfastings, Memorial Services/Funerary Rites, Child Blessings/Wiccanings, House Blessings, Solstice/Equinox Rites, and most other Pagan/Wiccan services, Mediator and Conflict Resolution Mediato

rRev. Paul N. Dion (Barre) paulthunderhealing.org
Master Reiki Practitioner, Aromatherapy and Meditation, Crystal Rejuvenation, Notary Public

Rev. Jocob Donat jacobdonatpost.harvard.edu

Rev. Janmarie Drury-Dugan, RN,HPS,RT (Worcester) winterphoenix69verizon.net nondenominational and LGBTIQ riendly offering Reiki,Shamballa, tarot/divination readings, guided deditation/visualization, Pagan/Witchcraft workshops/courses, and legal marriage/handfastings, baby blessings, Goddess dedications, Coming of Age rituals, funerals rites, and holiday rituals.

Rhonda Flynn (Marlboro) aisling39aol.com Weddings including same sex marriages. Wiccanings, passing over rites.

Madelyn C. Gregory (North Dartmouth) mcgregory87juno.com I am also a notary and can provide reiki, witness unions (marriages),
departures (funerals) and baby namings; am a massage therapist certified for pregnancy massage, therapeutic and hot stone therapy

Susan Hansson (Wellesley) susanhanssoncomcast.net Celebrate share and let all love grow.....Will work with you to personalize your unique wedding;departure; vow renewals; welcome baby

Rev. Charles L. Harris the-01cox.net

Ryan Hayes (Beverly) ryans.maingmail.com Peaceful

Margaret Hersh (Holyoke) ourweddingchapelaol.com

John Hosty (Salem) salemmamangmail.com Gay rights activist

Rev Norman Katz (Sloughton) nkatzqualcraft.com

Julie Leavitt (Newton) injewelaim.com Creative Jewish weddings for opposite and same sex marriages. She also facillitates other life cycle rituals for Jewish and interfaith couples celebrating the mystery and sacredness of the life cycle.

Reverend Crystalline Ruby Muse (Western MA/Pioneer Valley/Berkshires) CrystallineBrighidsMantle.com For weddings I specialize in handfastings, same-sex unions, interfaith ceremonies, and Celtic traditions. I can sing or play violin too. Also, other rites of passages and house blessings from a Gaelic pagan perspective

Savanna Ouellette ( Shutesbury) SOuellettefcac.net Minister of Peace. I have been a mediator and peace worker for 18 years. I can
perform ceremonies of union, namings, and blessings.

Royce Patton (North Adams) lullaby357hotmail.com

Rev. Michael J. Scarlett (Raynham) RevMichaelStBenedictInterfaith.org

Halli Schermer
(Provincetown) Hallishoaol.com. Specializing in Gay Weddings in Massachusetts.

HP Laura Kali Jean Scott (Pittsfield) laura.scott.37201.facebook.com Educator, legal ceremonies such as weddings, wiccan handfasting rites and pagan tradition.

Emily Sheridan (Suffolk County) emilyjsheridangmail.com

Daniel W. Smith (New Bedford) dansmith0829yahoo.com State registered minister

Jeffrey B. Torres (Pittsfield) boodahspotziplip.com A man of peace

Laura Terese Varney (Easthampton, Hampshire County) kestrasimonegmail.com I will work with couples of all genders and orientations to create a memorable and meaningful wedding ceremony. I have a background in Catholicism, Wicca, Buddhism and Atheism. I am also available for funeral services and personal counseling

Sheila K. Vernick (greater Boston area) sheilav123verizon.net I am available for weddings, funerals, especially nondenominational; I will also do mediation.


Jim Allen (Taylor) jaxhamer0069aol.com weddings,funerals,and most requests.

Michael Barney (Detroit) mikeb50hotmail.com Available for all life-cycle ceremonies, including weddings, naming ceremonies, affirmation ceremonies and funerals. Experienced and reliable

Reverend Joseph D. Brave-Heart (Ann Arbor) manitukalayahoo.com Lakota language and ceremony, master of buddhist studies, honorary doctor of divinity, weddings, funerals, spiritual conseling.

Michael R. Burhans (Midland) dogmafreeceremoniesgmail.com Weddings, Funerals, Namings, Handfasting etc.

David Cabler (Port Huron) arthur_bluntyahoo.com Available for Spiritual and/or Pre-Marital Counseling, Weddings, Affirmations of Love, Baptisms, Name-givings, Professions of Faith, and Funerals

Ryan Clark (serving Lenawee, Jackson, and Hillsdale Counties) clarkryan3244yahoo.com Ceremonies include weddings, funerals, baby namings, marriage renewals.

Priestess Nicole S Chandler (Kalamazoo,MI) Rev.NightRainShadowgmail.com. I do Handfastings,
Spiritual guidance, and House blessing.

Aaron Cobbs email acobbsi2k.com

Rev. Father Jeffery R. Cook (Battle Creek) jeff_6ryahoo.com weddings, handfastings, baby naming and funerals

Courtney Marlene Coster-Black, Minister of Peace (White Lake) kittymagick47gmail.com Willing to perform weddings, handfastings, dedication ceremonies, funerals, wiccanings and birth ceremonies, dedication ceremonies, naming rituals, etc. I am open-minded and willing to make your special occasion personal and treasured. Will work with all of your ideas, concerns and practices according to your beliefs.

Mchele Crawford (Dearborn Heights) mdcrawfordwowway.com All services, Handfasting, Wiccanings, Baby Naming, etc. I am a Celtic Based Wiccan, but am open minded to all religious beliefs.

Rev. Craig Cunningham (Kalamazoo serving the SW MI area) pastorcraigcunningham.net website http://www.craigcunningham.net
Weddings, Handfastings, Spiritual Counseling

Dr. Daniel C. Doran (Upper Peninsula) be_wellemailplus.org Unitarian-Universalist Chaplain facilitates Humanist-oriented devotional services, officiates at weddings, unions, child-naming ceremonies, memorials and other such rites, as well as offers spiritual counseling and nondoctrinaire religious instruction

Linda Forward (Grand Traverse, Kalkaska Counties and surrounding areas) forward65gmail.com Ordained minister available for spiritual needs, weddings, funerals, renewal of vows, home blessings, baptisms.Will travel anywhere in state.

Cathleen Francois (Troy) cmfmispiritus.org Available for all ceremonies, spiritual and life coaching, energy healing work,and connection to the Interfaith Community in Michigan.

Reverend Jacquelyn Freeman, M.A. (Traverse City/Suttons Bay) jacquelynfreemanmindspring.com Highly-personalized, dignified, beautiful ceremonies for life's most important milestones. Qualified Jungian practitioner. Progressive viewpoint and lifestance.

Rev. Ronald J. Heilner (Oxford) revronweddingceremoniesmi.com
I work with people throughout Michigan, performing weddings, baptisms, funerals, and other services.

Rev. David Herweyer (Oakland and Macomb counties) dpwireaol.com

Memi Holm (Troy) memicogeco.ca

Rev. Michael Johnson (Kalamazoo) johnson2mlyahoo.com

Rev. Deacon David Alan Keith, MA, PhD, (Van Buren, Allegan, Berrien, Cass, Branch, Calhoun, Kent, Ottawa, Jackson, Kalamazoo and Lenawee counties) david_keith2000yahoo.com, access complete Guidance, Community Enrichment Services, Philosophical Counseling/Consultation Services, Religious Pyrrhonism and other various services

Vern Keson vk_constructionyahoo.com

Richard Krause ricktkrauseyahoo.com

Cheryl Lynn Lapham cheryleee33wmsn.com Offering Spiritual guidance, performing weddings and funerals.

Rev. Tom Laverty (Saginaw) lavertysportsjerks.net

Steven J Ledbetter (Battle Creek) Stevenwolf1969yahoo.com or spltaplrtzyahoo.com Will do weddings and funerals

Donna M. Lehl-Khoury (Macomb County) skhourypeoplepc.com

Gary Liss (Battle Creek) FuzzyTheMugwop1webtv.net

Minister Deborah Locklear (MI and IN) Deblockleargmail.com. Performing the desired service for all occasions weddings, funerals, commitment ceremonies.

Rob Lutz (St. Clair) rob.lutzyahoo.com Will perform same-gender ceremonies, every ceremonies is catered to each individual couple.

Charles Martin (Allegan County) chasm81yahoo.com Available for weddings, handfasting, affirmation of love, namegiving, in SW Michigan

Katia May (Hazel Park) www.MoonStar-Bazaar.com KatiaMoonStar-Bazaar.com Teaching, Counseling, Ceremonies, and Eclectic Services (all religions).

Paula J. Mertz, (Port Huron) Weddings & Commitment Ceremonies. www.mertzweddings.com

Jennifer Munn (Kalamazoo) ripley1015chartermi.net

Rev Father Drew Murray (Ingham county)

Sarah Murray SMurray1408gmail.com I will perform traditional and non traditional ceremonies between two people that love each other no matter what their sex, race, religion, age, or orientation is. Funerals, blessings and other ceremonies too.

Erika Pezold (Oakland County) iamoramchotmail.com

Reverend Mike Pihaylic (Clawson) MikeP15571aol.com

Rev. Danielle Rendon Danirendonmsn.com

Priest Kelly S. Rose (Grayling/Crawford County) kellyenvipcocharter.net, Spiritual Counseling: Hermetic Beliefs and Spiritual Alchemy. Request to perform Ceremonies will be given serious consideration after consultation to discuss the specifics of your request.

Charles E. Rush (Port Huron) chaz6292002yahoo.com Available for weddings,handfasting,affirmation of love,namgiving

Alicia M Sisco ravynathanorgmail.com High priestess with over 26 yrs of study. Training, wedddings, requiems, namings.

Joe Showalter
(Manistee) joejoesplace.itgo.com Web site: http://joesplace.itgo.com/ Comment: Prefer outdoor weddings, beach, river, etc.

Reverend Scott Patrick Thompson (Oakland County, Oak Park). soundwave25comcast.net, soundwave25hotmail.com

Reverend Steve Unger (Marquette County) renperson49855yahoo.com

Timmy Walker (Eaton Rapids) mit_reklawhotmail.com

Phil Wells, (Clinton Township, Macomb County) pcwellswowway.com available for customized weddings, renewel of vows, baptisms

Douglas White (Lapeer) dewhite1205yahoo.com

Jessica Wilson (Rochester Hills) peggywho924yahoo.com

Reverend Christopher C.P. Wood therevsinisteraol.com
Spiritual counseling, and ceremonies available

Jodie Zimmer (Freeport) jodiezimmergmail.com


Shawn Berg, O.C.P. (Rochester) shawnprowebdesigner.net area) Spiritual advisor, weddings, personal growth & development.

Rev. James H Cook rev_pappy07yahoo.com legal to perform ceremonies in Minnesota and North Dakota.weddings, civil ceremonies, biker weddings, house blessings, pet blessings, comittment ceremonies

Reverand Dr. Cathleen Jo Faruque (Winona) Drcathyjoyahoo.com. Available to perform weddings, affirmations of love, rites of birth, funerals. Also available for counseling.

Reverend Angella Hoffman Rev_Mother_Angelhotmail.com
I help in spiritual growth, weddings, funerals, and other religious ceremonies.

Rev. Dave Kanis (Eagle Bend) pacificnwbellarvig.net

Madonna Kuiper kuiper523hotmail.com

Beverly Lokensgard (Apple Valley) melaleucamomfrontiernet.net
Non-denominational, Wiccan, dedication ceremonies, weddings, etc.

Barbara Ann Millard-Erno (Menahga) barbara55wcta.net

Magus Walter C. Napiorkowski (Stearns County, MN Renaissance Festival) NapiorkowskiHotmail.com I am happy to perform non-denominational ceremonies, Theme weddings or other ministerial duties (ordained in the Church of Spiritual Humanism) in MN especially for those wanting non-traditional services.

Susan Opitz (Minneapolis/St.Paul area) Selbstandyahoo.com
performing civil ceremonies, weddings, other personal ceremonies; baby naming, renewals, unions, dedications., customized ceremonies
offering guidance and counseling, whatever your path all faiths/genders welcome... peace to you and yours.

Lynn M. Pierce (Loretto) lpiercevinlandcenter.org

Reverend CindyLou Schmidt (West Central Minnesota) rschmidtrunestone.net

Kim Shepard (Cook County) hertzboreal.org, Perform spiritual and non-spiritual weddings.

Rev. Dr. Patrick V. Suglia revdrpvsugliahotmail.com
Available for weddings, baptisms, funerals, private counseling, and more. Please see my website for more services and details.

JimThiewes jthieweshotmail.com I would be happy to perform your medium size wedding anywhere in Minnesota

Michael Tewksbury (Minneapolis/St.Paul) mtewksburyTewksbury-Kerfeld.com

Sue Lee Winans (Minneapolis) freefaithfellowshipgmail.com We work against poverty and injustice.

High Priest Bryan Wurdeman spicoli_freshpowderhotmail.com

Edward Yaekle (Minneapolis/Global) e.yaekleyahoo.com Addiction counseling and advise using a spiritual and total and complete healing recovery philosophy.


Jeremy Barrow (Hattiesburg) scottlanddyardyahoo.com weddings, commitment ceremonies.

Reverend Thomas Carter (Ellisville) z.cartercomcast.net

Rosemary Degenhardt (Gautier) martroseaol.com

Rev. James E Jones (Bassfield) newroadbandgmail.com

Rev. Jeremy Kerr (Harrison County) jokerr27Yahoo.com. I am a peace loving man to officiate weddings, funerals, hand fastenings, baby namings, and festivals.

Cody Mills (Carriere) Lyricalevangelistmsgmail.com

Rev. Torrential Phoenix (Corinth) RevTorrentialPhoenixdirecway.com Priestess correllian tradition, priestess and keper akasha fae dragonas, member correllian herbal order, member correllian shrine of healers, member PAAN

Reverend Curtis D. Sanders, Jr. (Ellisville) csand2megagate.com Performing civil ceremonies, weddings, baby naming, renewals, unions, dedications, and other public rites while honoring and respecting all religious traditions and spiritual paths

Jennifer Stygles (Purvis) jennifer.styglesyahoo.com Performing rites of marriage, committment, and baby naming while honoring all belief systems and traditions, old and new.

Robert Wilson tymkoijnyahoo.com


Justina M. Alford, O.C.P. (Ava) archigeek07yahoo.com

Lisa Appleeton Sadestinyaol.com

Tommy D. Baker (El Dorado Springs) tommybaker2005yahoo.com

Rev. Steven Billington (Southwest Missouri) evangelio91hotmail.com. Perform weddings, funerals, confirmations, baptisms, spiritual consultations, meditations, blessings of all types.

Norman Botwinik virtualnormgmail.com

William B. Brown (Gasconade County) WBBROWNFIDNET.COM

Christine Burkhart (Cole County) Christine_1321hotmail.com I am a Wiccan High Preistess who will perform any ceremony of the Wiccan religion.

Rev. Richard A. Carter ( Springfield/Joplin) revrichardacarterhotmail.com I will perform all Church of Spiritual Humanism rites and ceremonies. I am specializing in Same Gender Comitment and Civil Unions. I would be very happy to help you with your vows.

Lisa Davis, lisajodavishotmail.com, performing all types of weddings, funerals, committment ceremonies, and others tailored to your religious beliefs. I specialize in inter-faith cermonies that incorporate both religions.

Tom Dickey (Springfield, Branson, Joplin, Missouri) rhythmguitarrockergmail.com I will perform religious and non-religious weddings, baby namings, and anything you would like.

Casey P Eleson caseyelesonhotmail.com Will perform marriages, baby-namings, renewal of marriage, and funerals.

Elder Mark Gillespie (Jackson County) markdgillespiesofthome.net Will perform weddings, funerals, baby namings, coming of age ceremonies, solstices and equinoxes and blessings.

Brian Hailey (Eastern MO) ChurchofCharlieyahoo.com

Robert Hageman adminluckily77777.com

Erik K. Heaivilin (St. Joseph) webmasterairk.com Will perform weddings and rituals, wiccan.

Robert Hill (Independence) nyrvusreck.hill3gmail.com

Melony Januchowski (Plato) melonyj89hotmail.com

Jeremy Locke missouri_ministeryahoo.com I do weddings and counseling

Sarah Loy (Springfield) SLoyclarku.edu

Tiffany Maurer (St Louis) Bliss03140hotmail.com Blissful Beginings, new school weddings at old school prices

Glenn T. Miller (Northwest Missori/Nodaway County), cross denominational as well as creative services for differing beliefs.

Jo Ann Mooney (Kansas City area) joannfreethinker.org www.kcsecularceremonies.com I perform secular and humanist weddings, funerals, baby namings, and other rites of passage i

Rev. Bill Murray (Springfield) wmurrayaokyahoo.com I offer a flexible ceremony, w/ musical accomp. if desired. I specialize in customized weddings, so if you want it different contact me.

Rabbi Stephan Russ (Missouri, Louisiana) I am available for all religious ceremonies, religious education and mediation spr55yahoo.com

Rev. Jason J. Simbro (Bethany) jasonsimbrogmail.com

Jim Smashey (Jefferson City) jsmashmouthhotmail.com Performing civil unions , commitment ceremonies, weddings. Denominational and Non-denominational.

Rev. Casey Daniel Southards (Joplin) rev_casey_daniel_southardsyahoo.com
Humanist Priest / Huminist rituals and most requested

Reverend/Godi Robert Stockhausen (Iron county) 4aGodigmail.com Specializing in Asatru /Odinism (early religion of the Europeans) Yet will work with you regardless of your religious preference. Will work with you to make any religious service or need fit your needs. Available for counseling. I am willing to travel.

Rev. Anthony E. Tindall (Springfield ) Atindall25hotmail.com My ceremony is as brief or as long as you like, we will work with you. I have several deacons available as well. We specialize in unusual weddings and are willing to travel.

Jessica Thomas (Carthage, Jasper County) merrygirl1979aol.com.
I will perform any type of wedding ceremony you desire.

Reverend Susan L Thomas (St. Charles County) Rev_SThomasyahoo.com I am available for Weddings, Vow Renewals, Commitment Ceremonies, and other ceremonies with flexibility to adapt the ceremony to your own personal beliefs.

Christian L. Wade (Kansas City) HYPATIA1128YAHOO.COM I will do non-denominational, non-religious weddings, funerals, baby-namings, and commitment ceremonies. LGBT friendly.

Archbishop Carl J. Wallar Sr. (Kansas City) I will officiate marriage ceremonies. Specializing in traditional
ceremonies, vow renewals. second weddings, creative ceremonies, both religious and non-religious.

Reverend Susan A. Yetter (Kansas City Metro and Surrounding areas) SAWYetteraol.com Weddings, Funerals, etc. (Indicate ceremony type in Subject Line.)

Dr. Noah Young, Ph.D., LMFT (Independence) dr.noahyoungyahoo.com Available to facilitate all traditional and non-denominational services.


Larry Brown (Great Falls) lardawg54yahoo.com. I will perform weddings, funerals, and Spiritual Guidance.

Rev. Jessica Rhoades jkrhoadeshotmail.com. Licensed to all the rights and privileges granted to an ordained minister in accordance with all applicable laws and available to co-create and officiate ceremonies which commemorate life's milestones: weddings, commitment ceremonies, memorial services, blessings, and rights of passage including consultations and counseling.

Angela Taylor-Shelton ANGELAMTS2002aol.com

Dan O. Two-Feathers (Stevensville) ohaotmslycos.com

Chris Yerkes (Kalispell) yerkes1yahoo.com


Timothy J. Alvis (Stromsburg) alv185windstream.net

Uel Archuletta (Omaha) PurpleAbyssGmail.com

Friar Kirk Augustine (Lincoln) kirkkirksnet.com

Sister of Science Jill Baker (Lincoln) jbakerneb.rr.com Will perform marriages, commitment ceremonies and other requested services with thee logic of Spiritual Humanism and Science in mind.

Randi Ball (Omaha) the_voice_of_daveyahoo.com All enominations welcome. Willing to research any rituals.

Kim Carlson (Kearney) carlsonka1yahoo.com Will perform any and all ceremonies. Willing to travel.

Minister of Peace Ciradah (Omaha) xoticwyldwymynyahoo.com; I offer unconditional love as a Peace Counselor, honoring all paths leading to The Divine; available for Baptism, Naming Ceremony, Affirmantion of Love, Dedications, Rites of Passage, Union Ceremony, Wedding, Celebration of Life/Memorials

Brad Ericson (Kearney) ericsonbunk.edu Will perform any and all ceremonies. Willing to travel.

Jennifer Fleming jpearlfleminghotmail.com

Rev. Linda Harris (Lincoln) moriah099peoplepc.com Performing over 200 intimate, personalized wedding ceremonies according to your preferences. Spiritual not religious. Available nearly any day or time for very reasonable rates. I make it a point to listen to what you want. Most ceremonies within 50 miles.

Mike Hopp (Kearney) dmonisevzw.blackberry.com

Julie Marsh (Bellevue) hot_devil_9791yahoo.com

Priestess Lady Amythyst Raine witch_of_endoreyahoo.com Welcome to "The Witch's Corner"...may the magick find you.

Rev. Allen Sparks allensparks1yahoo.com Serving all your religious needs

Lic. Dr. J. Wm. Moreland Esq. (South Sioux City) morelandjwmcableone.net Ceremonies can be conducted in English or Spanish.


Dr. Al-Najjar (Las Vegas) I preform marriages, consultations, spiritual furniture design, with great futuristic presence, clothing with great futuristic designs. Naming ceremonies. We create that which enhances the being and developers the wholeness of the participant.

Kathe Gore (Las Vegas) briteblessings2uaol.com

Renee Gross (Overton) Blueeyes6200yahoo.com Honesty always, faith with reason, compassion to all humanity.

Dawn Marie Hughes (Las Vegas, NV) electra_dmhmsn.com

Larry Kibby (Elko) lkibbycitlink.net

Sherry Krippner (Fernley) kennascrazygrandmayahoo.com Performing simple ceremonies

Jacob Carousel Markow (Black Rock City) weddingscathugs.com Weddings (religious, non-denominational, or secular), handfastings and commitment ceremonies, domestic partner unions (any gender and sexual orientation), ceremonies for all occasions, rite of passage ceremonies, hospital visits, funerals, memorial services, treasured animal funerals and memorial services.

Rev Gerald D. Moulders Jr (Henderson) g.mouldersyahoo.com

June Scholes (Pahrump) whitefeathersair-internet

Rev. Dr. James J. Showers, Jr. (Dalls/Dallas County) revdrjamesjshowersjrhotmail.com

Fred Weiss (Laughlin) fnweissyahoo.com

New Hampshire

Reverend Mark R. Boyer visionary.seerverizon.net

David Paul Cullen (Salem) davidcullencomcast.net

Joseph Fischer OCP (Charlestown) goodolboyadelphia.net Available for all your non-denominational sevice needs. Weddings, Blessings, Baptism, Funerals etc

Andrea Grady (Portsmouth) algrady16hotmail.com Available for weddings, affirmations of love, rites of birth, dedication ceremonies, naming rituals and funerals. I'm more than happy to
help you on your special day and to make sure it's remembered and treasured!

Frankie Picasso
(Merrimack) coachpicassosympatico.ca Ordained Clergy, Spiritual Humanist, I am available for marriages, couples counseling, life coaching

Sean Skillings, OCP (Milton) theskillingsyahoo.com

New Jersey

Magus Tony Brevit (Camden County) magusbrevittgmail.com I perform non-denominational weddings, vow renewals, funerals, blessings, baby naming, holiday ceremonies, handfasting, remembrances.

Catherine Sheehan Blanchard (Princeton, NJ- can do some locations in NJ, PA and NY.) njhumanistgmail.com I perform non-denominational weddings and handfastings, (LGBT-friendly!) naming ceremonies, renewal of vows, funeral/remembrance ceremonies, and secular coming of age ceremonies.

Neil Chaplain (NYC, NJ, some PA) chaplainneilgmail.com

William A. Courson (Berea) wacoursonhotmail.com I minister in the celebration of holy unions and civil unions, namings, funerals, dedications and other public rites. I specialize in celebrations and observances of special interest and relevance to the LGBT (gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgendered) community

Kelli L. DeFlora (Montclair, NJ), kellideflora gmail.com Ordained Minister CSH. I minister in the celebration of weddings, holy unions and civil unions, namings, funerals and other public rites. I specialize in rites marking women's lives.

Leon S. Greene (Jersey City, NJ) kekj-88i8xemaps.com Ordained minister serving the community

Rabbi Reuven Green (Middlesex County) Rabbi-Reuven-Greenexcite.com A religion based on reason and science.

Victoria E. Gallucci, Ordained Minister (Bloomfield) vbellacomcast.net (Judaeo-Christian, Buddhist & Pagan/Neo-Pagan lineages) I minister in the celebration of weddings, holy unions and civil unions, baptisms/infant dedications, namings, funerals and other public rites that mark the change of life's seasons.

Susan Hofmann (Camden) brideandgroomweraol.com
I perform non-denominational ceremonies consisting of Weddings, Vow Renewals, Funerals, Baptismals, Blessings, Prayer, Baby Naming, Invocations, Holiday Ceremonies, Hand-Fasting, Benedictions, Remembrances, Guidance, Counseling, Mediation and Discussions in which I am available at your request and convenience.

Bruce L Housel (Lambertville) bruce_houselhotmail.com covering central western new jersey and eastern PA available for any ceremony needed as well as guidance

Rev. Deborah Kalinowski ( serving NJ, PA, DE, NY, MD & Washington, DC) debbieemtearthlink.net Iperform Weddings, NJ Civil Unions, Commitment Ceremonies, Vow Renewals, Baby Namings and Funeral Services.

M. Barry Katz mbkatzcomcast.net Wedding officiant, creating and performing individualized wedding ceremonies, mainly inter-denominational or secular in nature.

Dr. Stephen A. Kaufman (NJ, NY and PA) stephenblast.net Available for Rites of Passage

Christopher Koch kochcoolinhotmail.com

John Komorowski (South NJ) John_Komorowskihotmail.com Wiccan High Priest. I am non-sectarian. Performs Handfastings, Pagan Rites, weddings, naming ceremonies and funeral rites.

Brother Daniel Markert (Dumont, NJ) markertsworldmsn.com

Reverend Dave Miller (Northern NJ, Central NJ, Coastal Southern NJ Eastern PA, Southern Upstate NY) DaveReverendDaveMiller.com Get the wedding of your dreams, without the dogma of mainstream religion. I will provide a wedding ceremony that reflects the couple's style, taste and desire; is entertaining, engaging, meaningful and spiritual; is not specific to any one religion; and helps the guests be more like participants than mere spectators.

Mark Miller (Bergen County) jerseymark1gmail.com B Ordained Clergy Person of the Church of Spiritual Humanism. Available to do marriage, baby naming, funeral, collaring , commitment, affirmation of love, invocations, renewal of marriage, and holiday ceremonies.

Dawn Motino signa_67yahoo.com or ravenangel67aol.com
I will Perform weddings only in Jersey City, Bayonne, Hoboken, and Hudson County Area.

Rev. Rebecca Orth (Middlesex County servicing central NJ) www.revorth.com I am an Ordained Minister and Wiccan Priestess available to perform legal Handfastings or Interfaith Wedding Ceremonies. I will also perform other Rites of Passage or Commitment Ceremonies.

Pastor Rick (Sussex) pastor_rick_staryahoo.com.

Rev. Johnthan W. Roberts (Salem) jwrobertscomcast.net

Shane Sanders Shanesanders1116aol.com

Ann Hirschman Schremp (Princeton) AnnSMEDICaol.com
Eclectic Pagan

Brian Schleper (Medford) bschlep73gmail.com I perform weddings, civil unions, and vow renewals. Fast, easy, and stress free.

Robert M. Smilow rsmilowqualitexfabrics.com

Shaun Sommer omegara1hotmail.com

L. Sulimenko (Central NJ) alsulimenkogmail.com

Rev. Corey Lewis Teague (Paterson) clewisteaguegmail.com I am a registered behavioral therapist available to provide counseling to anyone who is in need. I perform weddings, baptisms, funerals, and more!

Carol Willner (Sussex) willner1earthlink.net

New Mexico

Buzz Biernacki BBiernackiaol.com I am a hot air balloon pilot and conduct your wedding ceremony in my balloon while we fly over the romantic Rio Grande Valley in New Mexico.

Joseph Frank (Albuquerque) FreeThinkerJosefaol.com

Phillip Fujihara (Albuquerque) ahmatthewshotmail.com or pfujiharagmail.com

Cherrie L. Haynes redscherriepie1live.com

Rev. Russ Hules (Pecos) the.majiciangmail.com

Zachary Malott zbmyahoo.com I minister in the celebration of weddings, holy unions and civil unions, namings, funerals and other public rites.

James Mitchell (Santa Fe) jmsmtchll1verizon.net

Pastor L. Rock (Albuquerque) Spiritfeatheralternativelyseeking.com

K. Dianne Stephens (Deming) kdiannestephensgmail.com
Ordination services, learning and productivity style specialist, neuro-linguistics programming practioner, licensed master social worker, licensed professional clinical counselor.

Ron Washburn (Las Cruces) rjwashburnyahoo.com Available for counseling.

Joe L.Welby (Rio Rancho) Joe_by77yahoo.com

New York

Minister Cory Acome IrishGuy713aol.com
I am here for your "off the beaten path" wedding/commitment ceremony, including but not limited to same sex couples.

Katherine Alexander (Auburn) chosenpassionsyahoo.com

R' Rene David Alkalay, Ph.D., D.D. (Forest Hills) davidtreeoflifegmail.com Interfaith marriage and traditional jewish weddings, ceremonies, non-denominational and civil marriage ceremonies.

Reverend Timothy Peter Anderson (Buffalo) thehousethatandersonbuiltyahoo.com Spiritual advisor, weddings, funerals, etc.

Brent Arnesen (Brooklyn) barnesenemail.com

Audrey B., M.S., Ordained Clergy Person, (Syracuse area) webmasterartprints.8k.com

Deirdre Baker (Orange County) renascent_girlyahoo.com
"Give all to Love; obey thy heart" ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Shabnam Susie Banikarim susiebgmail.com

Blair Barrett (New York City) bbarrettnyis.net

Rev. Victoria Becker (Catskills) RevBeckeraol.com Ordained Clergy, Spiritual Humanist providing unique, meaningful, compassion-based ceremonies for all views & philosophies. Spiritual, non-spiritual, formal, informal weddings, baby welcoming/naming, commitment ceremonies, vow renewal, funeral celebrations. Helping couples create the ceremony of their dreams.

Tama Bell (Poughkeepsie) thespiritualawarenessgmail.com Available for all ceremonies and counseling.

Minister of Peace Manu-El:Bey (Camden) uhrc9yahoo.com Performing and offering a full range of services, including, affirmations of love, celebratory gatherings, baby naming and blessings, hospital calls, counseling and more.

Carla Marie Beyea (Rochester) violenza13yahoo.com

Reverend Lowell Boyers (NYC) amongstflowersearthlink.net Pleased to assist in the marriage and/or committment ceremony of two people who truly love one another for life.

Rev. Sarah L. Dattilo Via (Brockport-Rochester) sbrinklowfrontiernet.net

Reverand Mark Bruzee (Auburn) mark13021netzero.com Same Sex Unions, Traditional and Non-Traditional Marriage

Trevor Burdick, O.C.P.(Owego) trevorOCPstny.rr.com Limited travel if arrangements are made beforehand. Weddings, Funerals, Graveside service. Specializing in Suicide victim funerals.

Pastor Sheryl Burgess (upstate) sherattimes07hotmail.com I will marry you with in the state of New York. We can talk about what type of service you would like

Reverend Lee Burlingame (Ithaca) ta2gooroo1aol.com erforming all ceremonies. Weddings, baby nameing, affirmation of love and more. Contact me for details.

Deidrui Callaway (Syracuse) DeidruiCallawayaol.com

Maria Luisa Castaneda castmlaol.com

Rev. Sandy Caswell (Rochester Area) sandycaswellfrontiernet.net Offering a full range of clergy services, including hospital calls, celebratory gatherings, baby blessings, handfastings and legal marriages.

Neil Chaplain (NYC, NJ, some PA) chaplainneilgmail.com

Rev. Laura A. Compton (Schoharie County) Firefightin_EMTyahoo.com Non-denominational and Pagan ceremonies and services

Reverend Martin Condon (Wynantskill) marjconyahoo.com

Popik Costa (Rocky Point) richandnancostayahoo.comThe greatest human frailty is contempt prior to investigation-H Spencer

Katherine Dalton (Long Island) aylakataol.com

Brian DeMaso (NYC) Maso1126aol.com writes

Gayle Dorsky (Bayside) sweety3222aol.com

Rev Steven Durkin (Kingston) stdurk1448gmail.com

Dave Eccles ecclesdavidyahoo.com I like quarks, multiverses and order in chaos

Rev. Johnny Erato (Long Island and Metro New York) TheRevLongIslandWeddingOfficiant.info All types of ceremonies happily officiated your way with reasonable/competitive fees in English, Spanish or bilingual.

Charles Falkowitz (Queens) drdickweedaol.com

Reverend Juanita Felice-Zwaryczuk (Long Island) namastejfzaol.com available for loving, caring

Christopher Feliciano (NYC) usiorgyahoo.com

Rev. Allan C Fillman (Lyons) afillmannovocon.net

Free Thinker Dara Finkel bbpinayahoo.com

Patricia "Cubby" Fitzpatrick (New Paltz) CubbyFitzaol.com Weddings, baby naming, spiritual assistance. Please allow me to serve you as a minister of spiritual humanism.

Rosalyn I. Fleming taurianwomanaol.com

Rev. Gary Fortcher (NY Metro area); Wolf Spirit914aol.com Wiccan High Priest; Reiki 2 Practitioner; Psychic Consultant; available for weddings and all religious rites, as well as private consultations.

David Gaspin (NYC) david.gaspingmail.com Registered with the City of New York to legally perform civil ceremonies

Matthew Greenbaum (Orange County) lordblessedaol.com Always available for any of your spiritual needs.

Helene Gresser (Ridgewood) spleenhggmail.com

Reverend William Gurrola (Massena) popeye196yahoo.com Performs- weddings - funerals - baby naming - baptisms

Allison Dolan Hall (NYC, LI and MA) adj_hallyahoo.com

Rev. MacKenzie Hand (Mackenzie8789yahoo.com) Yoga enthusiast, Counselor, open for guidance and mental mending.

The Very Esteemed Tamara B Hawkins (Orange County) tamara827mac.com. Live, laugh, love and as an ordained member of the clergy I will perform any type wedding ceremony and renew wedding vows or commitments for you as well as baby naming ceremonies and home blessings.

Jesse Hendrich, M.Div. (Brooklyn) rev.hendrichgmail.com Civil and interfaith weddings, commitment ceremonies, vow renewals, and other rites of passage. I am a pastoral counselor and social worker with a Masters of Divinity from Union Theological Seminary and has been certified by New York City as a legal wedding officiant.

Jessica Herring Jessica6933hotmail.com

Michael Iannucci mjjiannucciaol.com

Moria Holland (New York City) mhollandnycyahoo.com

Andrew Jackson taotehealhotmail.com
Spiritual Guidance and Ceremony

Reverend Jason Kaloudis (Long Island) daudafaerdyahoo.com

Dr. Stephen A. Kaufman (NJ, NY and PA) stephenblast.net Available for Rites of Passage

Amy Frushour Kelly (NYC) wedding.officiant.amygmail.com Joyful unions for two people of any background!

Stephen J. Kraus (Pearl River)steveevindale.com

Joel Lee Kulp (New York City) jlkivspectacles.com

Valerie A Lauback (East Syracuse) Lauback3aol.com

Rev. Maureen Leonard, (NYC) msmaureen43aol.com , experienced clergy person available for all services within the 5 boroughs. Reasonable, flexible fee - available for emergencies as needed.

Benjamin L'Estrange (New Windsor) benlestrangeyahoo.com

Rabbi LNMB (NYC) michigandemsyahoo.com "Jews United to Combat Israel's Apartheid"

David Loewy (New York City) ACertainMrLoewygmail.com Available for ceremonies reflecting a Jewish heritage of ritual from a humanist philosophical standpoint.

Bonnie Lunt (New York City and Dutchess County) Lunt.bonniegmail.com

Joseph B. Maldonado (Upstate) jbm365msn.com

Fernando Mañon (New York City) fernprodsyahoo.com Find peace, love and happiness.

Finn Mauritzen (Uniondale) finnstuffoutlet.com If reason rather than faith is your guide.

Jude McMorris (Manhattan) saintjude829aol.com Ordained clergy person serving people.

Debra N. Melfi (Manlius) debra1854live.com

Michael Mendel (Coram) luvdisney66aol.com

Michael Mendelsohn (NYC) michael.mendelsohnabc.com

Michael J. Mercer (Nassau/Suffolk Counties) mjmjohnaol.com Weddings, Funerals, Baptisms, Business Luncheons/Dinners and Fundraisers.

Robyn Meyer (Rockland/Orange/Putnam/ Westchester Counties) Lablovefrontiernet.net Will perform all happy events

Viktor Mihalchik (Dutchess and Putham Counties) SNYB7405ALLSTATE.COM

Reverend Dave Miller (Northern NJ, Central NJ, Coastal Southern NJ Eastern PA, Southern Upstate NY) DaveReverendDaveMiller.com Get the wedding of your dreams, without the dogma of mainstream religion. I will provide a wedding ceremony that reflects the couple's style, taste and desire; is entertaining, engaging, meaningful and spiritual; is not specific to any one religion; and helps the guests be more like participants than mere spectators.

Jimmy Monnin (Victor) jimmythecricketmyahoo.com

Rev Migdalia Montalvo (Ridgewood) XEITIAOL.COM, Weddings, baby namings, funerals, renewal of vows, coming of age ceremonies, pet funerals, affirmations of Love,domestic partner unions which include same-sex unions and other rites, spiritual counseling advice or services. I am specially open to Native American customs, specially Taino. Open to travel when possible.

Chad Moon (Minoa) brermoonyahoo.comI am available for marriages, baptism and and blessings

Rev. Doug Moss (Homer) I perform weddings, renewal of vows, same sex affirmations, funerals & graveside services, and other ceremonies.

Heather M. Murray (Buffalo, N.Y.) hm4k9syahoo.com

Steve Parks (Schenectady) s67parksaol.com Will perform any ceremonies you may need.

Paul Joseph (Jr) Perrone (Summit) spinninghawkcapital.net

Minister John H Pettit Jr (Smithtown, Long Island) Pambemt101aol.com

Brother Ed Pickett (NYC) brother.edthimple.org

Reverend Agnes Pierre-Louis (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island and Long Island) Rev.Agnesaol.com naming ceremonies, weddings, affirmation of love, same sex unions, renewal of vows, counseling, hospital visits, funerals.

Frank J. Radice (NYC) frank.radicenbc.com

Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Ranieri (Brooklyn, NY) jeremyranierijuno.com
Ministry, weddings, baby dedications, renew wedding vows, Counseling, blessings, naming, funerals and other public rites. blessing of Partnerships, etc.

Father Pete Rapalee (Ithaca) nt14850yahoo.com Will perform domestic partner unions,wedding vow renewals,baby naming,spiritual healing. Other requests, please ask!

Eileen Regan (New York City) eregan11218aol.com OCP & Humanist Celebrant, Available for all weddings and commitment ceremonies, funerals and memorials; flexible, reasonable rates and fun to work with.

Gregory Relyea (Clifton Park) GSRelyeayahoo.com

Rev. Reynolds (Warren County, Lake George) upstate_ny12827yahoo.com

Miranda Richards (Rochester) fatdiva_69yahoo.com Here to help with all your needs.

Beth Richter (Cheektowaga) Tawkingkittygmail.com

Sandra M. Robbins (Bath) sandradee4uhotmail.com

Sholom Rosen (New York) sholomrosenhotmail.com

Rev. Lorry Salluzzi (Bellmore, Lanesville, Upstate) Weddings and other ceremonies

Rev. Kenneth R. Say (Burt) kennysaygmail.com Counseling, Weddings, Funerals, etc.

William Seith (Albany) Non-Denominational Weddings, Renewal of Marriage ,Commitment Ceremonys

Wilbert Louis Shaw (New York City) NewYorkerNYCcs.com Baby naming, ceremonial naming and counseling for tradtitional and alternative lifestyle couples.

Jason L. Smith (Kings County, Brooklyn) jassmith77hotmail.com

Michael Smith (New York State) michaelsmithmail.utexas.edu

Rev. Julie Spears gemstonebluivillage.com

Sebastian T. Squire (NYC) cbaztion-ordainedyahoo.com

Rev. Maxine Starr (Bronx) xstarrloveaol.com

Dave Stevens (NYC, LI, NNJ and CT) itsdaveoptonline.net The Officiant you can hear. When I got married all the officiants were verynice, but very quiet - none of my guests heard the ceremony - I have good projection and diction so that wont happen with me.

Mervin Swartout (upstate) cfdchief510hotmail.com

Mary F. Sullivan, (Ithaca) otterclarityconnect.com Keeper of the Hawk’s Gate Lodge for Human Development

Miriam Synyard (Rochester) M_Synyardyahoo.com

Shira G. Tarantino, HPS, OCP (New Rochelle/Westchester) shirahandfastings.org High Priestess of the Goddess, Wiccan Minoan Tradition of New York, Founder of Handfastings.org, which links people in the Pagan and Wiccan communities with ordained officiants who perform wedding ceremonies and other rites of passage unique to Nature traditions and earth-friendly paths.

Reverend Steven E. Thornburg, O.C.P., M.A., (New York City) CalThorProdmsn.com I will perform duties of the clergy, including marriages, commitment ceremonies, baby namings, invocations, blessings, and many other religious ceremonies.

Chaplain Marvin Michael Towne (Albany) Hawkmdjatt.net Non-Denominational Weddings, Renewal of Marriage ,Commitment Ceremonys, Hospital visits, Funerals.

Maryanne VanDyke (NYC and NY State) CJMAMEEOPTIMUM.NETI believe in providing a unique and meaningful ceremony for your celebration. My services included compassion-based ceremonies for all views and philosophies, spiritual, non-spiritual, formal, informal weddings, baby welcoming/naming, commitment ceremonies, vow renewal, funeral celebrations. Helping couples create the ceremony of their dreams.

Prabhu Venkatesh (Pleasantville) pvenkatesyahoo.com

James Vinette (Rochester) vinettemsn.com

Reverend Caterina Vito (Long Island) reverendcaterinavitogmail.com

Donald R Warren Sr (Kirkwood) tashameystny.rr.com tashamey spiritual healer, teacher, card reader

KiaMarie Wolfe (Rochester - Utica) The_Cyber_Faerieyahoo.com

Melissa Zola (Brooklyn) melissa.zolagmail.com

North Carolina

Rev. Joseph Amos III nc911k9aol.com

Robin Bryant (Hudson) North Carolina Robinlbryantcharter.net

William B. Ciccolella (Bethania) accuratesurveyinghotmail.com

Reverand Jacques Curtis (Wake County) jcurtisshawu.edu

Lisa M. Dahlquist (Raleigh) lisamypagangoddess.com

Lindsey Todd Darnell (Southport, Brunswick Co.)lt4volsyahoo.com

Pamela DuVal (Eastern NC) promisedhearts2hotmail.com Member of the Association of Bridal Consultants

Dawn Eason (Charlotte) Luv2bme29aol.com

Michael Frederiksen (Youngsville) michaelblueridgeherbal.com
Charter Certified Master Herbalist, specializing in herbal self-healing; offering house and office blessings, memorials, weddings/affirmations, renewed vows, naming ceremonies, birth blessings, etc. available for spiritual counseling.

The Very Esteemed Matthew M Gildner (Lexington) mjollnir.bearclawgmail.com Neo-Pagan, Correllian Wicca

Jennifer Gordon Gray (Mount Airy NC) jgordongrayyahoo.com More than 90 weddings performed.

Tyler Grossett (Ft. Bragg) tcg503gmail.com

Dwight M."Crae" Harper (Greenville) crae.harpergmail.com GBLT ceremonies

Dwayne Haus, N.D., Rev., CNHP. (Raliegh) hauspa.net

Rev. Thomas Johanson and Rev. Hannah Desmond (Asheville) heartlightweddingsyahoo.com

Mahira (Sun Min Wu) Manuel (Raliegh) mahira11elevenyahoo.com

Danny Marbell, Jr. (Cary) RedOctoboyaol.com

Rev. Jim McCarver jldamcmsn.com Weddings, funerals, equinal blessings

Peace HomoFreakian (Jacksonville) peace_b_untiumomentsofawareness.com http://www.momentsofawareness.com How may I be of service?

Dayn Peters (Orange County) Dayn_Petersyahoo.com

Rev. Cheryl Quaid (Cary) myweddingcarolinaceremonies.com
Creating ceremonies which speak of your hearts' intent.

Larry G Rhyder rubyspidermsn.com

Jane Schilling JaneSchillingmsn.com

Michael Shields Sr. (Charlotte) Ssmaagpaol.com

James M. Thompson (Springlake). I am Pagan and am
High Priest for the coven of the Autumnm Dancers notawiccanwitchaol.com

John Tooley

Donald Towne, (Sunset Beach area), www.beachpeople.us, beach weddings, child namings, parting of the ways ceremonies, counseling for healing.

John R. Uhrick (Sneads Ferry) headwrenchworldnet.att.net

(Charlotte) zepherboy2hotmail.com Gay, Lesbian and Transgendered Union Ceremonies, home blessings and prayer circles for peace.

Gwin C Westenbarger (Apex) gwestenbargerbellsouth.net

North Dakota

Reverend James H Cook (Traill County) naughty_dawg02yahoo.com
i will do weddings, house blessings, pet blessings and motorcycle blessings

Rev. Karen Davis ChurchWithNoWallsyahoo.com or RevKarenDavisyahoo.com http://www.geocities.com/ChurchWithNoWalls/

Barbara Schauer, (Grand Forks County) cashmeregra.midco.net


Alan E. Amstutz (Dublin) gnomon9mac.com

Marlene Boas, Ph.D. (Sandusky) marlene.boasgmail.com

Sarah J. Bond sjmiamiuaim.com

Reverend Calder (Greater Cleveland area) reverend.caldernetzero.com Openly gay Pagan minister. Available in the need for any clergy: gay/lesbian unions, births, deaths, hospital/prison chaplin upon request, will teach interested students.

Rev. Craig M. Campfield (Cleveland, Ohio), cmc300mgmail.com Weddings, handfastings, affirmations of love, wiccanings, rites of birth, adult transitions, rituals of childhood, dedication ceremonies, naming rituals, funerals, rituals of separation, handparting, etc. I'm more than happy to help you on your special day and to make sure it's remembered.

Maeri (Marianne or Cassandra) Certo (All Ohio) MaeriSilfitahotmail.com website: www.geocities.com/maericerto

Jason E. Chandler (greater Cincinnati) jchandlersibcycline.com

Aura Cortez ms.cortez37gmail.com Celtic Wiccan clergy licensed to officiate over your wedding ceremony in Ohio.All other rites of passages, including blessings, dedications, initiations, wiccanings, passing over, maidenings, cronings etc., and counseling are available. Will design rituals and ceremonies to fit personal needs upon request.

Janel Cottrell (Cincinnati) venus4helpaol.com

Rev. Rosalie V. Davis, M.S., J.D., D.D. (N/E Ohio) rosevdavisyahoo.com. Wedding officiant, funeral clergy, counseling (GLBT friendly)

Gwen Eckel gwendolyn.eckelgmail.com

Samantha Williams Eckenrode (Yellow Springs) sameckenrodegmail.com

Luna Faye (Columbus) LunaFayecolumbus.rr.com Pagan clergy offering services for marriage, handfasting, gay commitment, funerals, and more.

Reverend Lynn Golladay (Toledo) hollywdhtpnkldyficotw.zzn.com http://www.freewebs.com/hollywdhtpnkldy

Rev. Larry L Grier (Mercer County) lkdachsyahoo.com

Ronald Haines inforonaldhaines.com Licensed to solemnize marriages in the state of Ohio. Will will work with you to personalize your ceremony. Also handfasting, baby namings and funerals.

Dr. James K. Hardy (Stark County) jkhuakron.edu I'm authorized and licensed by the State of Ohio to solemnize marriages.

Chris J. Hoard (Medina) hellomotozoominternet.net I will perform weddings, wedding vow renewals, baptisms, baby naming, and funerals. Other requests, please ask! I will accommodate you to make your ceremony as perfect & pleasing as I can.

Rev. Linda Hoover (S. Ohio/Chillicothe) spirituallifeinannas.com Spiritual counseling, women's sacred circle, spiritual retreats workshops, handfastings, house blessings or cleansings, wiccanings, rites of passage.

Bobbie Lynn Houy (Tuscarawas County) bobbietwinspringsstables.com I am authorized and licensed by the State of Ohio to solemnize marriages and legal handfastings. Also available for wiccanings and other rites of passage

Lee V. Hulick (Dayton area) lhulicknetzero.com Providing all ceremonial services, day or night, your site or mine, particularly focusing on the Kustom Kultures.

Rev. Andrew M. Irons (Toledo) Ohio andrewironsgmail.com

Andrew Jackson taotehealhotmail.com
Spiritual Guidance and Ceremony

Rev. Audrey Jablonski (Lakewood) jablonskifamily1aol.com
Willing to help all that seek peace and love to unite in faith.

Michael Johnson MJOHNSON4141WOWWAY.COM.

Reverend Angelle Keiffer RevAngelleOhioWeddings.org Multi-faith clergy licensed to perform your wedding ceremony anywhere in Ohio. Blessings, baptisms, dedications, wiccanings, funerals, eulogies, counseling. Custom-designed ceremonies to suit your personal needs.

William R. Kennedy (Northeast Ohio) wkennedyjryahoo.com Wedding andlife commitment ceremonies; Celtic and themed unions performed as a "celebration of love".

Ronald Haines ronaldohiohumanist.com. Licensed to solemnize marriages in the state of Ohio and will work with you to personalize your ceremony. Also handfasting, baby namings, funerals and holiday observances.

Rev. Khrysso Heart LeFey, MTS (Columbus) khryssogmail.com Spirituality counseling (including spiritual direction for Pagan clergy), liturgical/ritual design for rites of passage, healing applications for music.

Rev. Larry N. Levine larrylnlgmail.com Registered and Licensed in the State of Ohio performed: weddings, baby dedications, renew wedding vows, funerals, etc. Open to travel when possible.

Rev. Gary Lockwood (Kent) I can be reached at mukawneo.rr.com. I have trained for 20 years with great spiritual men and women and I do ceremonies from many different teachings. If you have questions or just want to talk I am here.

Amy Mankins (Johnstown) amankinscolumbus.rr.com

Seth Marder smardernetjets.com I am available to do weddings in surrounding states and like to do weddings “high adventure” weddings (weddings that are involved with outdoor sports

Rev. John Martin (Columbus) mrjhmartinaol.com, Seminary graduate, experienced pastor, chaplain, counselor, widely read and conversant with many religious traditions, experienced with creating unique weddings, funerals and other rites of passage that make all participants feel welcome and part of the occasion. Reasonable rates. Will travel.

David McCoy (Massillon/Canton/Akron) dbmccoyemail.com Wedding & commitment ceremonies; secular, civil, nraon-denominational Performed as a celebration of love and not dogma. Licensed, State of Ohio.

Verna Kay McDowell (Ironton) tsummerswdrc.net

Christopher S. Mitchell (Gerard) christophersmitchellhotmail.com Marriage, baby naming, funeral, handfasting, commitment, affirmation of love, invocations, renewal of marriage any time of day or night.

Rev. Michael P. Moore (Springfield) michaelmooreprodigy.net I will preform the ceremony of your choice.

Susan Morehouse ClergyInOhioYahoo.com

Annie Peters (Middlefield) amp1953yahoo.com Wedding ceremonies, partner joinings, baptisms, funerals

Cynthia Randall (Lakewood) cranquarsbcglobal.net I am authorized and licensed by the State of Ohio to solemnize marriages. I can use personalized or traditional services to officiate marriage, funeral, and baby naming ceremonies.

Dr.Vincent Riccardi VRiccardi7aol.com

Reverend Timothy Reinerman (Van Wert County) reverendtim73yahoo.com Licensed by State of Ohio to solemnize marriages.Will travel.

Reverend George Schar (Delaware) gschargmail.com Authorized to solemnize marriages in the state of ohio

Chaplain Mary Schar (Sandusky) mary.schar.2006gmail.com

Christina Shipley akilahiamawitch.com. Licensed minister in the State of Ohio available for marriages and other rites of passage.

Laura L. Stiers (Nelsonville) laura_stiersmsn.com

D.C. Stroeh dc.stroehgmail.com

Teresa M. Wirthlin (Cincinnati) princessemeraldbutterflyyahoo.comis

Judy Younkin (Dublin) djyounkinsbcglobal.net


Nico Cinocco (OKC Metro / Statewide) technicomyway.com
Humanist/Agnostic/Atheist Ceremonies and Celebrations, Casual or Formal.Most personal services are expenses only. Registered with the state of OK. Specializing in Themed events such as Medieval & Renaissance Faires, Hawai'ian,Book or Movie Adaptations, etc. I have many artists, cake decorators, costumers and entertainment contacts as well. Experienced Vow writing and guide.

Coral C (Broken Bow) coralc580aol.com Available for spiritual help and healing.

Billy Dunn (Stillwater) billygulfinfo.com

George E. Hall pokedawg51netscape.net

Rev Carl Murray (Oklahoma City Metro & Beyond) Skipdaddy1juno.com

Rev Shannon Nance (Ponca City) Specializing in
handfasting ceremonies. I can also do non-denominational weddings, Christian/Pagan weddings, house blessings, and rites of passage.

James Pace (Tulsa) jplocustyahoo.comThe views here are purely spiritual, not religious. We focus strictly on one's inner spiritual growth, not what religion it gets applied to. All views welcome, intolerance not tolerated.

Thomas Smith (Eufaula) tomspiritmail.zzn.com


Rosa Alvord (Albany) ralvord22yahoo.com I am available to perform marriages.

Merry-Lynn Amsbury (Portland) foxs_invitational_villayahoo.com
Spiritual communing in the presence of cats magnifies
and deepens spiritual growth.

Rev. Travis E. Apollonius lightofloveministrygmail.com

Linda Ball (Umatilla) jdoldno7live.com Welcome all denominations, beliefs, specialyzing in commitment ceremonies.

Corey Benson (Salem) coreyjdbensonaol.com

Rev. Sharon Lee Browning (Scappoose,Columbia County) slbrowningopusnet.com For those who wish to instill reason and sanity in their profound ceremonies.

Clayton Cannaday (Beaverton) rev.cannadaygmail.com

Friar Jerry Carlton (McMinnville) newpinesgmail.com Officiating ceremonies honoring your request. Marriages, divorces, openings, christenings, namings, launchings, mitzvath, executions, jail breaks, birthings, conceptions, invocations, burials, wakes, resurrections, de-hexings, deprogramming, plantings, general blessings.

Frederick Causer Jr.(Astoria) frednicnatyahoo.com

Rev. Martin-Paul: Cheney I. (Grants Pass) martywholikestopartyyahoo.com

Chaplain Jerry S. Clason, (Medford) Ironrose2kpeoplepc.com Civil Ceramonies with respect to all religions

Jennifer Copeland (Gresham) tmjscopelandhotmail.com Specializing in making your dream of "Happily Ever After" a reality.

William L. Costello billcostello12yahoo.com

Jone Drury (Canby) jone.drurygmail.com

Michael James Eisel ( Lane County) bluerosemusicyahoo.com. Philosopies are love, kindness and music that embraces and celebrates life. PEACE TO YOU.

Denise Endow (Hood River/Wasco County) denise.endowyahoo.com. Available for weddings, renewal
of wedding vows, affirmation of love, dedications, blessings, funerals, consultations, commitment ceremonies, and other customized services upon request.

Jan Everts (Linn County) jan.evertscomcast.net Happiness is the first step along the happiness continuum

Reverend Steven Gatlin reverendgatlinearthlink.net Customized ceremonies respecting all peaceful philosophies and ways of life,
celebrating humanity's unity with the universe.

Norman Goodnough (Medford) bud19742000yahoo.com

Brandon Harris (Monmouth) bharris05wou.edu

Richard D. Hendricks (Wheeler) callricnehalemtel.ne

Chris Hulse (Tigard) the_one_true_lupkinyahoo.com
Call me Lupkin, an old soul in a new world

Judith King (Salem) universelovermsn.com

Angie Lloyd angielld1verzon.net

Andy Mendenhall M.D. abmendenhallcomcast.net Wedding officiant for unique and personal celebrations.

Rodney L. Merrill (Astoria) rodneylmerrillaol.com

Tim Raynor-Allwein (Astoria) timray2msn.com

Ryan Sablan ryan.sablancomcast.net

Tim K. Sartin (Douglas County) providing skills for troubled youth

Charles Schaumburg (America's Wild Rivers Coast) peoplehealingamerica.com Individualized ceremonies honoring and respecting all religious traditions and spiritual paths.

Christopher Smith (Newport) phelbynn1979yahoo.com

Rev. Donald Tucker (Lane County) ddtuckersprynet.com

Victoria Villa-Lobos, O.C.P. (Portland, Multnomah County ) celebracomcast.net I work with my clients to craft meaningful Weddings, Unions, Renewals of Vows, Handfastings, Namegivings, Memorials, Rites of Passage, Milestone birthdays & other rituals marking personal and significant life happenings with honor and respect for your traditions, community, and self-expression. (Specializing in same-sex commitments/unions).


Priest Heather Kaiho Growling Mouse Amari (Donora) helmerheou.edu Practicing American Buddhism

Reverend Michele T. Bell (Philadelphia) bigbeautifulmicyahoo.com

Anthony Benner Jr (Lehigh Valley) aj_bennerhotmail.com Available for all ceremonies.

Dan Bernardo, Shaman. (Greensburg) arcane_xiyahoo.com Shaman, and Taoist Vigil.

Tracy L. Bittner tracybittneraol.comOfficiating small marriage ceremonies in my home.

Michelle Brockway iamchelle00yahoo.com

Michael J. Brudzinski (Scranton/Wilkes-barre) fugit_schleidenhotmail.com Will perform large variety of services when given adequete time.Rochelle Dukes rochelledukes

Neil Chaplain (NYC, NJ, some PA) chaplainneilgmail.com

Christopher K. Conway (Lancaster) chrisconwayco.net

Jeffrey S. Cox (Ellwood City) Minister.Musicgmail.com

Rev. Rosalie V. Davis, M.S., J.D., D.D. (NW PA) rosevdavisyahoo.com. Wedding officiant, funeral clergy, counseling (GLBT friendly)

Rev. Deborah A. Ehmann (Philadelphia) ForeverThinecomcast.net Weddings, Baptisms, Baby Namings and Blessings, Hand Fastings, Funerals, Divorce Ceremonies, Service for Pets

Rev. Dennis W. Engley (Clearfield) DocMystereyahoo.com Retired metaphysican but still active and practicing in healing what trouble's the human mind and body in it's lifetime.

Rev. James H. Fisher (Philadelphia) j.fisherrenaissancehealingarts.com Religious services performed include funerals, blessings, baptisms and weddings (interfaith, same-sex, others)

Shawn Patrick Greene (Sharpsville) choirqueer02aol.com. I will do handfastings, both same sex and straight.

Reverend Judith L. Guasch (S. Central PA, MD and DC) LovelyWeddingsaol.com Specializing in personalized wedding, civil union, commitment, handfasting, renewal and elopement ceremonies. From traditional to modern, professional service for the most important day of your life.

Dwayne Haus, N.D., Rev., CNHP. (Manchester) hauspa.net

Bishop Geoffrey L. "Geff" Horn, D.D. (Serving The Greater Delaware Valley Area) UFMOurChurch.com

Joseph Indovina (Nazareth) lonewolf0000001aol.com

Pastor Kurtis June (Johstown) kurtis1971yahoo.com

Maria Kauffman (Shamokin/Northumberland County) Boobeargmail.com All Religious & Non-Religious Rites performed e.g. christenings, baptisms, weddings, spiritual counseling, grief counseling, same sex marriage.

Dr. Stephen A. Kaufman (NJ, NY and PA) stephenblast.net Available for Rites of Passage

Lynn Kish (Norristown )tluczek4netzero.com

Shaman Wayne Klepesky (Philadelphia) wayne.klepeskygmail.com Offering a full range of services - solstice and equinox celebrations, pagan rituals, customized ceremonies, baby naming, child Blessings, house blessings, spiritual guidance, andfastings, weddings, wedding vow renewals, affirmation of love, funerals, invocations. Open to different cultural customs, ideas, concepts and traditions

Rev. Debra Paulette Kline (Beaver Springs) zephyr_debyahoo.com Weddings.

Martha Knox (Philadelphia) marfknoxgmail.com I am part of the leadership of the Humanist Association of Greater Philadelphia and am available for a wide variety of ceremonies, especially weddings, baby namings/welcomings, and memorial services.

Norman D. Kumler (New Cumberland) norm_kumlercomcast.net I perform Humanists marriages, baby namings, new home blessings, renewal of vows, special ceremonies. Available for May Day fairie festival at Glen Rock

Thomas R. Koch (kochs21verizon.net)

William Latterner, Jr. (Cresson) XCaseyJones386aol.com. Performs all ceremonies, including same sex marriages

Rev Debra S Lippitt (Delaware County) ladystormyverizon.net
I perform Handfastings: Civil, Same Sex, Wiccan; Wiccanings; Rites of Passage; Wiccan Funerals; House Blessings.

Peter Machamer (Pittsburgh) pkmachpitt.edu

Rev. Sharon E. Mason (Poconos) opengateepix.net Pagan ceremonies performed. Will honor and respect all religious traditions and spiritual paths. All religious and non religious rites performed.

Andrea McKeon (Ridley) moxiebear2000yahoo.com

Donald R. Meador (Easton) nytrox34aol.com Weddings, end of life celebrations, baptisms, commitment ceremony.

Toni Menard (Clarks Summit) curiouscagirl2003yahoo.com

Reverend Dave Miller (Northern NJ, Central NJ, Coastal Southern NJ Eastern PA, Southern Upstate NY) DaveReverendDaveMiller.com Get the wedding of your dreams, without the dogma of mainstream religion. I will provide a wedding ceremony that reflects the couple's style, taste and desire; is entertaining, engaging, meaningful and spiritual; is not specific to any one religion; and helps the guests be more like participants than mere spectators.

Deborah Miller debnazbar.com (Lehigh Valley) Celtic ceremonies, handfastings, baby namings etc

Rabbi Jim Moody (Lehigh Valley and Southeastern Pennsylvania) koshercoderhotmail.com. All ceremonies (religious and non-religious) performed including Weddings, Baby Namings, Hospital Visitation and Death/Funeral rites; counceling, teaching, public and group meetings.

Thomas Morris (Bloomsburg) thomorrishotmail.com

Warren Jeffrey Motter (York) Awakeneddangerous-minds.com

Joan Mullooly (Pittsburgh, Westmorelan County) J2kittyaol.com
I will perform customized religious and/or civil marriage ceremonies, marriage renewals, memorial services and christenings.

Darlene Oldweiler (Williamsport) dar1256hotmail.com Weddings, baby naming.....

Rev. Christopher M. Ostrowski (Reading) ChrisRTLaol.com I handle all things Pagan.

Rev Sister Phat Man Dee (Pittsburgh) mandeephatmandee.com Specializing in non denominational ceremonies, but am open to perform whatever kind of ceremony the couple wishes. I am a jazz vocalist by trade and before I began officiating, I sang at many weddings and funerals, and now am available to officiate as well, music is still an important part of most of my ceremonies.

Right Reverend Nelson W. Pyles (Pittsburgh) nelson.pylesgmail.com Weddings, recommitment ceremonies, baby namings tailor made as you wish.

Spike Riordan (Erie) spikeriordanhotmail.com I also am a drummer in a country band called Next of Kin

Roy Rosenquest (Cabot) royrosenqgimail.af.mil.

Rev. James Ross (Philadelphia) ross.duluozgmail.com All services, guided meditation and weddings

Aine I Ruane (Reading) aine_i_ruaneyahoo.com

Rev Mark J. Seydel (Warrington) reverendmarkjseydelgoogle.com

Scott Sharp ssharpcranberrysd.org Available for Marriage Ceremonies and Baptism

Linda Snyder (Northeastern PA) thehappyhumanistyahoo.com

Rev. C. Linda Spering (Philadelphia) Life4HumanismGmail.com I perform all duties of the legal clergy

Andrew George Stergiou (Altoona) andrew_stergiouhotmail.com Deist, Scientific Jewish Pantheist, Spiritual Humanist, poet technical writer comedian. Proud Student of Allen Ginsburg, Buddha, Roy Rosenberg, Torah, Tao counseling 24/7, affirmation of love, marriages, life partnerships, Baby namings, funerals, renewal wedding vows, funerals, etc. Have harmonica, Guitar, mike and amp will Travel anywhere anytime No Job too Big or too Small for small spots or feature position.

Rev. Jason M. Sutton (Somerset) pastorjmsuttongmail.com

James M Taddeo (Sharpsville) ordained clergy and natural spiritualist, performing solstice and equinox ceremonies finding spiritual expression in the natural wonders surrounding us. Why seek the unseen and unknowable when the awesome power shows itself to you every moment of every day.

Paul Ulmer (Philadelphia) Working in shamanism and I am a state certified addictions counselor.

Rev. Steve Vogel (Dingmans Ferry) chacheezverizon.net Weddings, handfasting ceremonies, namegivings, love affirmations, eulogys

Robert E. Whisler (Gap) cherokee4lyfyahoo.com

Eugene J. Willard (Philadelphia) razvedchik1comcast.net

David F Wooledge (Erie) wooledge001minister.com christian Spiritualist Humanist

Jeffery Woytovich, O.C.P. (Reading) jefferywoytovichyahoo.com Contact me for your wedding, baptism, or general spiritual needs. Will travel anywhere in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland.

Puerto Rico

José Javier Alvarez, O.C.P. thalvargmail.com First ordained clergy person in Puerto Rico For services in Puerto Rico, please contact me

Rhode Island

Donald Beach donnybeachgmail.com Offering humanist weddings, memorials and child namings in Rhode Island

Rev. Andre L. Gregoire M.S., rev.gregoireemmausministry.com
All Religious & Non-Religious Rites performed e.g. christenings, baptisms, weddings, funerals, spiritual counseling, grief counseling. www.emmausministry.com serving RI, MA, CT.

Rev. Charles L. Harris the-01cox.net

Teresa K. King, Ph.D. teresakingmac.com

Rev. Jeffrey Smith jmsmithgmail.com

Elizabeth Turner (Johnston, Providence County) livininriyahoo.com I Perform both spiritual and non-spiritual weddings, baby welcoming, commitment ceremonies and funeral celebrations. Although I work with all people, following a unitarian universalist upbringing I specialize in Traditional Pagan Sabbats and Esbats, Handfastings (marriages), Handpartings (dissolution of marriages), Wiccanings (baptisms), and Funerals.

South Carolina

Harley Adamson (McCormick) adamsonwctel.net

Rev. Dr. Dave "Rock" Cowles (Boiling Springs) Kowulzmail.com

Adam Curran (Charleston) adam_b_curranhotmail.com Lovesmith, forging futures since 2008.

Robert Curriden (Lugoff) rwcurriden2yahoo.com Provides marriage, handfasting, baptism, naming, funeral and wake
ceremonies at chapels, homes or gravesides, hearthsteadings,
dedications, and spiritual counseling.

Traci Dellinger ladyzarea71yahoo.com

Michael Hall (Latta) michaelhall02aol.com

Dr. Leonardo Ortiz, (Greenville) leonardo_o1yahoo.com Services Provided: English, Spanish, Vietnamese Marriages, Marriage, Grief and other spiritual counseling. Hypnosis .... self-improvement and behavioral modifications, Estate Planning, Funeral Planning, Funeral Services officiated at chapels, homes, graveside. Collarings and Ceremonies of the Roses. Baptism. and other miscellaneous religious ceremonies. Non-denominational

Lyn (b4i4get2000yahoo.com)

Lecia O. Martin (Berkeley County, Ladson) Leciamaraol.com

Dr. Ramon G. Rivera (Simpsonville) DrRGRiverahotmail.com

Steven Stymiest (Rock Hill) webmaster7comporium.net wizardnccomporium.net Will perform Weddings, Baptisms, Coming of Age, Commitment, Child Dedication

Rev. Kyle Whittaker, O.C.P, (Laurens County) kwhittaker4399charter.net I do non-theistic wedding, funeral, baby naming, and any other service you may need.

South Dakota

Jackie Matthews (Rapid City) matthews.jackieyahoo.com

Lic. Dr. J. Wm. Moreland Esq. (North Sioux City) morelandjwmcableone.net Ceremonies can be conducted in English or Spanish


Pastor Jimmy Clark (Nashville ) PastorJimmyClarkpeoplepc.com Counseling, weddings, renewal of wedding vows, affirmation of love, dedications, blessings, funerals, consultations, commitment ceremonies, and many other services upon request

Dawn Crowe (Johnson City) dawn.crowegmail.com Weddings, renewal of wedding vows, affirmation of love, funerals and commitment ceremonies.

Dr. Rev. T. D. Dockery (Knoxville) West Knoxville Counseling www.drdockery.com email:drtdockeryyahoo.com

Pastor David Garber (Crossville) pk_dave38555hotmail.com Spirtual Counseling

Allen Goyne 'Reverend Al' (Chattanooga) Allen.Goynegmail.com
Soto Zen practitioner, available for counseling, music performance, weddings, funerals, other blessed events

Stacy Hacker (Chattanooga) witchychick70aol.com

Dorothy Hatton (Westpoint) PEEDE61AOL.COM

Memi Holm (Lewisburg) memicogeco.ca

Ralph Jones (Murfreesboro) mrralphjonesmsn.com

Michael Lasser, B.S. (Middle TN and Davidson County) mjlasser21yahoo.com I am available for consultation relating to relationship counseling and sexual identity issues and will be happy to perform same sex commitment ceremonies

Margo Lovelace (Johnson City) mlovecharter.net Weddings

The Reverend Lori Ann Manis (Pudn77aol.com)
"The best spiritual advice I can offer: tell the Truth, get over yourself, and READ, READ, READ! Feel free to contact me."

Timothy J. Parrish (Clarksville) tparrish53gmail.com

Russell E. Phelps lucahealthgmail.com

K. Elizabeth Porter Mayanthiacomcast.net Will work with you to make your ceremony special.

Rev. Matt Prentice mdprentice21tntech.edu

Charles Raines (Memphis) cnrzenhotmail.com Counseling for the body and mind

Danny & Tina Reynolds (Memphis) dreynoldmidsouth.rr.com We perform ceremonies for weddings and christenings. Our Church is the "HomeGrown Health & Wellness Ministry."

Right Reverent Larry Rhodes (Knoxville) revrhodes03gmail.com

Dr. Askofu Saheb (Nashville and Murfreesboro) askofu29yahoo.com Counseling, meditation, weddings commitment ceremonies, funerals.

Rev Scott D Shepherd sshepherd100gmail.com

Michael Sims (Bartlett) Beorn9hotmail.com Godhi, Prison Outreach Ministries, Sub-Chief United Chickamaugan Cherokees, Wolf River Band, Harlan Tsalagi Draper, Chief, Pipe Carrier for W.R.B.

Gail Ruty Smith, O.C.P. (Oak Ridge) familycounselingbellsouth.net TennesseeJunebugaol.com Spiritual counseling, ceremonies

Rev. Brandon Sneed (Kingsport and Johnson City) sweetporttnaol.com

Deacon Jason Souders (Wilson) Jasonsoudersaol.com

Tafari-Sudra, Khumbaka (Memphis) tafari_sudrayahoo.com ancient khamitic[egyptian] metaphysic's ,traditional kung-fu-chi gong

Robert Webster (South Central TN) ndachainzyahoo.com

Lloyd Harrison Whitling (Dickson) lwhitlinglloydwhitling.com I am interested in, and will answer, communications about secular and spiritual humanism, or about my website at http://www.lloydwhitling.com.

Thomas Williams (Nashville) tanginthehumpyahoo.com weddings,love affirmation,funerals,and consultation.


Rev. Thomas A Benedek (Texoma) ThomasABenedekaol.com Counseling, Weddings, Renewal Of Wedding Vows, Affirmation Of Love, Dedications, Blessings, Funerals, And Many Other Services Upon Request. "Rest In Spirituality And Spirituality Will Work For You."

The Very Esteemed Cliff H. Benedict (Austin) Counseling, weddings, renewal of wedding vows, affirmation of love, dedications, blessings, funerals, consultations, commitment ceremonies, and other services upon request.

Tracie Boudreaux (Houston) tracieboudreauxgmail.com

Jerauld Brown (Amarillo) Silvrskiaol.com

Isabel Campos (El Paso county) isacelpasoyahoo.com I am also a notary public and bilingual.

Rev. Marla Cannon (Dallas) Marladcannonyahoo.com

Lily Alexandra Connor OCP (Georgetown) connormsouthwestern.edu Unique religious ceremonies designed in conjunction with the participants for major life events, including legally binding marriages, and work with those of any tradition or no tradition--all are welcome and respected equally

Patricia DancingElk (Denison) dancingelksacredhealingwomen.com

Rev. Jeff Denman (Pearland) ashkicker911yahoo.com, Specializing in Non-Denominational Weddings,Affirmation of Love, Funerals, Baby Dedications, Renew Wedding Vows

Wayne Deaver (Nolanville) WDEAVERHOT.RR.COM

Pat Fox (Houston) foxfroggyjuno.com I am available for any ceremony or celebration you require, from marriages, unions to handfastings, funerals, and honoring lifestages. Broadly ecumenical
approach to spirituality grounded in science.

Michael Frankel (Spring/Houston) festeriusyahoo.com, festeriusliveoaks-adf.org festeriusportalofpork.com

Minister Aaron Fugitt AFugittyahoo.com afugittyahoo.com

Dr. Robelyn Garcia (Houston) DrGarciauh.edu

Pastor Gary W. Gaynor bassman77511peoplepc.com

Larry Pittman Goddard (Tyler) Long-time ordained clergy with the Church of Spiritual Humanism. Have officiated at weddings, memorials, funerals, civil ceremonies, and speaking engagements with audiences of more than 7,000.

The Very Esteemed Jose M. Gonzalez (Alice area) the.very.esteemedhotmail.com Texas FreeE pre-marital workshops for discounts on weddings, marriage/family counseling, renewal of wedding vows, affirmation of love, dedications, blessings; seasonal rituals, funerals, and many other services

Rev. Arianna Gray, D.D. (Plano) infoaltweddingservices.com Alternative and Non-traditional weddings a specialty. Also offer full range of other rites of passage

Wallace Harrison (Fort Worth) w.s.harriatt.net

Debra (Dee) Heiberg (Universal City) onehera8443yahoo.com

Rev. Jonathan Horn (Austin) jhorn512yahoo.com

Carl Johnson (San Marcos)

Aaron Jones (Marshall) aaronbrandon1983netzero.com

Rev. Dr. Jeffrey D. Jones (McKinney) jdj_67yahoo.com Spiritual Counselor, Minister, Friend.

Robert S Joy (Livingston)will travel anywhere. Weddings, funeral, namegivings, same sex ceremonies as well as conventional ceremonies. All people have the right to live under whatever belief they desire, without any interference.

William James Kesinger (Cibolo) Williamk30msn.com wedding ceremonies

Preston Klima (Rockwall) Mister_SShineAOL.com

Rev. Marc Kivel (Plano) marckivel1yahoo.com All life cycle events (births, namings, welcomings, coming of age, rites of passage, handfastings and marriages (civil or spiritual), new moon and full moon and equinox and solstice feasts and fasts, reconciliations and confesions, last rites and burials)..custom liturgy a specialty.

Carl Wayne Lamkin laymastxyahoo.com I am available to perform marriages, commitment ceremonies.

Rev. Ricardo L. Landy, Ph.D. (El Paso) pbiartwmconnect.com Spiritual advice; assessment and evaluation of conscious and subconscious cultural archetypes and their relation to the anima mundi and its social manifestations, with practical emphasis on the attainment and maintenance of the awareness of the inner being in cmmunion with the universal harmony of AUM karma.

Reverend Rodny Lee Lightfoot Rev_LightfootYahoo.Com Since June 19, 2003.

Shaman Patt Lindsey (Northeast/Tyler/Longview) aendacresaol.com

Toni Long (Houston) simpleweddingsbytoniyahoo.com Affordable and simple ceremonies in Houston and surrounding areas.

Jennie Lutz (Ft. Worth and surrounding) weddingsbyjennielive.com. Weddings,
baptisms, affirmations of love.

Edward Saul Magidson (San Antonio) emagidsonyahoo.com Same-gender, interfaith, Reform J+non-J commitment marriages and lifecycle events. Humanist Bar/Bat Mitzvah training too. No loonies please!

Letitia McCracken TishnicfaeAol.com I provide priestess services; paganings/wiccanings, coming of age rites, corning, passing, handfastings, cleansing, etc.

Sam McMeekin slmcmeekinhotmail.com

Chaplain Daniel R. Melendez (Dallas/Fort Forth) drmndzhotmail.com Wedding Ceremony, Renewal Ceremony, Commitment Ceremony, Affirmation of Love Ceremony, Handfasting Ceremony, or Elopement. Small, Medium, Large, Alternative all welcomed. Other Services I provide; Baby Naming, Invocations, Holiday Ceremonies, Funerals, Memorial.

Jim Myers (Dallas / Ft. Worth Metroplex) jemhyperusa.com

Reverend Robert E. Otts, O.C.P. robertnatureloversunited.org

Rev. Khrymsun Elyse Parker (McKinney) rev.parkertx.rr.com

April Pegoda (Huntsville) withersfamily05yahoo.com

Br. John Henry Phelan OSB (Beaumont) Br.JohnJohnPhelan.com Order of St. Benedict
Zen Master I am available for spiritual counseling, weddings, funerals, affirmation of love ceremonies, blessings, baptisms, and other needs.

Reverend B.D. Reeves (Port Lavaca) dbreeveslive.com spiritual guidance based on truth and fact.

Deborah Riverstar (Austin) debriverstaryahoo.com

Carl Robison (Stephenville) anxioustosucceedyahoo.com

Druid Daniel J. Roe (Ft. Worth) tex1391gmail.com

David Rutledge (Abilene) MinsdarClearwire.net

Tammy Shearer (Dallas) ido4youweddingsyahoo.com Your special day should be all about the 2 of you. I would be honored to assist.

Pastor Darrell Sherman (Amarillo) shermantennts-online.net

Rev. Dr. James J. Showers, Jr. (Dalls/Dallas County) revdrjamesjshowersjrhotmail.com

Rev. Lamonte Smith (Siperko80Hotmail.Com) Rainforest Ministries was opened 02-27-2005

Lisa M. Stein (Houston) steinev1.net

Dusty Steinle (Austin) dustysteinleyahoo.com

Nikole Sturm (Dallas) nikolesturmyahoo.com Loving life and spreading the light. Available for sage smudgings, positive energy home consultations, and non-traditional marriage ceremonies.

Eric Tahchawwickah (Dallas) foxeldestschoolyahoo.com

Rev Dr. Steven Taylor cityguy909yahoo.com
www.visionforamerica.us (Specialize in alternative marriages and partner ceremonies in addition to other religious ceremonies

Guy Tooke (Angleton) guytookeyahoo.com

Reverend Roy Turley (Central Texas/Austin/San Antonio) personalized_ceremoniesyahoo.com Creating personalized ceremonies that serve your needs and desires; our primary focus is to personalize a wedding ceremony that is right for you.

Rev. Joe Valdez (Houston) revjvaldezaol.com The services that I do are as followed, All religions Weddings, Marriage Counseling, Funerals, Baby Christenings, Water Baptisms, Coming of Age Ceremonies (15's Sweet Sixteen's) Hospital Calls, Last Rites Counseling and many other services upon request. should you need any of my services please E-mail me at revjvaldezaol.com and I will get back with you as soon as I possibly can. I hope that you will be Blessed in all that you do.

Rev. Cory J Wade (Dallas and Oaklawn Area) CWSC1182002aol.com Marriage & Commitment Ceremonies

Rev. Fr. Guy Williams guywilliamstxaol.com (El Paso) Weddings, marriage counseling, funerals, baptisms, hospital calls, and many other servics upon request

Janet E Williams Janetwatkinswilliamshotmail.com life coach, spiritual counseling

Tommy Williams tanginthehumpyahoo.com

Margaret Willard (Henderson) Margzombieaol.com weddings, handfastings,renewal ceremonies.

US Virgin Islands

David Knowles, Officiant (St. Croix) kahuku27yahoo.com Personalized celebrations of life events to make THE day your own in America's Paradise.


Reverend Kelly A. Alger (Salt Lake City) Butterflybitesatt.net

Sharon L Bell slbell2iwon.com, tazmanianbellhotmail.com

Dr. Tim Riley (Price) teriley162gmail.com
My ministry is based on both the fundamental ecological principles that guide life and the universal human experience

Willis Shields (Salt Lake City) chakotay65msn.com

Rev. Michael Sloan (Tooele) mike.sloan2010gmail.com


Jennifer Lynn Castonguay Lussier (South Burlington) lussier.jenniferlcyahoo.com

Natalie Miller (Hinesburg) Gnat58gmavt.net Personal Coaching service available www.AskNatalie.net

Reverend Lady Mornah Milton mollysmom714aol.com Love and equality for ALL. Life events and house cleansings and blessings.

Ryan Munn r.munnyahoo.com "The freedom is yours."

Tony Scott (Windham County) opencelebrantgmail.com

Baruch (Walter) Zeichner (East Montpelier) walterwalterzeichner.com


Patrick Belisle patbelislevirginia.edu patandjanentelos.net

Dr. Moneika R. Cave MoneikaCaveDDgmail.com Doctor of divinity, ordained minister available for wedding, renewing vows and love affirmation ceremonies, house blessings, birth celebrations and
baby naming ceremonies in Virginia and surrounding areas.

Garold Cline (Washington State and Virginia) y2kcpoyahoo.com If you need help, you need only ask.

Jennifer Gray JeniGray75aol.com

Rev. Dr. Erik J. Mangini Newpreachercs.com

Rowan McKay (Floyd) RMcKaye-vocations.com I'm available to officiate at birth blessings, child and adult sainings (naming ceremonies), menarche celebrations (1st menstruation), legal handfastings andmarriages, and croning/menopausal celebrations.

Marcus T. Milliken (Alexandria) noachitehiram.net

Rev. Patrick R. Nelson (DC, Northern VA and Prince Georges, Howard, and Montgomeryand surrounding Counties, MD) Non-Denominational Marriage Ceremonies, Commitment Ceremonies, Handfastings, Memorial Services, Child Blessings/Wiccanings,House Blessings, Solstice/Equinox Rites, and most other Pagan/Wiccan events. Available in for those seeking non-traditional or Pagan/Wiccan religious services.

Janice Nickels (Dungannon) Lutah24245yahoo.com

Elton Michael Proffitt (Wytheville) objetd_art1yahoo.com All types of ceremonies: weddings, funerals, renewal of marriage, commitment/affirmation of love/partnership ceremonies for the L.G.B.T.
community, handfasting, baby naming, holiday/changing of the season ceremonies.

Rev. Cassie Roy cassieroy01msn.com

James Sattva, Celebrant (McGaheysville) jsattvagmail.com Musician, educator, craftsman, counselor; weddings and other ceremonial services.

Rev. Austin Streat (Richmond) Austins77aol.com

Major L. Swindell III (Norfolk) TSwindellgmail.com Faithfully doing that which is right using spiritual reason, promoting freedom of belief, and affirming the inherent worth and dignity of every person

Rev. John R. Tate, M.Ed. phoenix_32juno.com

Mary Vanparys ldysaboinayahoo.com

Paul E. Veltri (Fairfax County) Peveltriverizon.net

Elisheba Weathers (Portsmouth) cfeministrieshotmail.com Web Page Address: http://www.webspawner.com/users/cfeministries
Stress Management Therapist. Counseling, ceremonies and services for all religious traditions and spiritual beliefs


Jerry Abbott (Gig Harbor) jabbott72hotmail.com

Debi Adams (Island County) yourangwhidbey.com Ordained minister non-traditional weddings

Rev Dr Rich CrystalWolfe Baker, D.D. (Cheney) r.crystalwolfebaker.as http://www.divanet.com/woof/rich's.htm We are open to all and specialize in nature based traditions

Keith Edward Bellisle (Vancouver) keith.bellislegmail.com OCP Humanist celebrant and universal philosipher performing ceremonies and presentations

Rev. Merri M. Blevins O.C.P (Kelso) merrib_msn.com I will be available to perform animals blessings, weddings, baby naming ceremonies, funeral services for both human and animals alike

Rev William S. Bowling Sr (COLVILLE) cougsrocked01yahoo.com

Clergyman Harold Burchards (Lacey) peninhalgmail.com

Bud Carlson (Ferndale, Whatcom County). budbudmiser.com

Donn Castro (Seattle) dcdafliphotmail.com Looking for someone who will work with what YOU want? Hit me up and see that I can do just that!

Timothy Connolly (Renton, King County) tconn58comcast.com

Reverand Father Jeffery R. Cook (Bellingham) spiritualhumanism1zoomshare.com Availible for Weddings, Funerals, Baby Namings, and Handfastings.

Brother Glen Crown (Cowlitz, SW WA State, USA) lungta626msn.com OCP / Non-Secular Spiritual Humanist / World Peace Musician, Baptisms, Naming Ceremonies, Weddings, Funerals, Blessings, Healing Circles, Rituals, Meditation, Counseling, and Other Ceremonies as requested.

Garold Cline (Washington State and Virginia) y2kcpoyahoo.com If you need help, you need only ask.

Tracey Z Cole (Tacoma) cole.tzattbi.com

Rev. Michael J. Duff (Yakima) RevMichaelDuffaol.com
I perform weddings for those who prefer small, outdoor, theme or out of the ordinary weddings. I am a non-denominational minister quite familiar with all major eastern and western traditions. I seek to help any who ask.

Jeremy Filbert (Spokane) filbertfamilycomcast.net Procurer of weddings and other ceremonies in wich people enjoy an open-minded and fun atmosphere.

Jody Freund (Lakewood) jodylynninbox.com Attending blessings and beginnings of many sorts.

Kyle J. Gray (Bellingham) kyle.grayportionables.com Available for weddings, baby naming, renewal of vows, and other ceremonies or rites (no funerals please).

Priestess Dawn Henderson (Thurston County) AiristtaDawnyahoo.com. I am new, but gaining experience. I can perform weddings, handfastings, baby naming ceremonies, blessings, wiccanings, commitment ceremonies, coming of age ceremonies and most other ceremonies/rituals.

Rev Ron Hewett (Whatcom County) rbhew2000yahoo.com Available for all traditional and non-traditional weddings (to include hedonistic) ceremonies, baby naming, and general counseling.

Rose Holmes (Randle) rosiem98377yahoo.com

Rev. Brandon Humphreys (Spokane) kimara1973yahoo.com Available for weddings and other ceremonies. I have a Christian background so I can do both traditional and non-traditional styles.

Scott Hyde scotthyde19yahoo.com

Bryan Jaquish (Bellingham) jake7689comcast.net

David Kane (Seattle) michaelkfremontpublic.org

Rev. Jennifer K. Larsen (Edmonds) jlarsen19excite.com

Cindy Lewis (Chehalis) cndilewhooaol.com I'll travel anywhere

Molly Lyons (Greater Puget Sound Area) mlyonslyonheartevents.com Weddings, commitment ceremonies, baby naming ceremonies, handfastings, invocations, other religious services and ceremonies. I do not discriminate and will be happy to perform same sex marriages as well.

Jacob Carousel Markow (Black Rock City) weddingscathugs.com Weddings (religious, non-denominational, or secular), handfastings and commitment ceremonies, domestic partner unions (any gender and sexual orientation), ceremonies for all occasions, rite of passage ceremonies, hospital visits, funerals, memorial services, treasured animal funerals and memorial services.

Mary E McDonald (Western Washington) ministermarryinseattle.com Simple and informal ceremonies without religious overtones

Courtney E Milner (Pierce/Kitsap county) courtney5302yahoo.com

Rev. Melvin T. Neifert (Yakima) revjasper13yahoo.com. My specialty is Wicca, but I am open to performing other religious and non-religious services.

John Nelmar (Skagit County) johnnelmaryahoo.com

Jackie O'Neill (Leavenworth) jackieoverizon.net

Robert D. Plank
(LaConner) bobplankhotmail.com I love to perform loving, non-religion bound marriage ceremonies or commitment ceremonies. I am not bound nor constrained by any tradition, judgment, or ideals and am willing to embrace most any type of ceremony.

Pastor Dave Ptasnik Web (Seattle) pastordavepastor-dave.org Humanist weddings, handfastings, commitment ceremonies, memorials, and other events or ceremonies throughout Puget Sound. Tie the Knot with Pastor Dave, a big guy with a big heart and a big voice.

Cary Ray (Vancouver) i_caryhotmail.com Weddings, etc.

Pastor Edwin (Ed) Reda (Tacoma) edreda1hotmail.com
Weddings performed any type and any place. Wedding planning also available

Debbie J. Shane (Thurston County) green_thumb24yahoo.com. Minister. I love to create meaningful ceremonies custom fit to your desires and expectations giving deep lasting memories. I also develop ceremonial art pieces to create sacred space. Ceremonies can be worked so participants create group or individual art pieces to keep or dedicate

Minister of Peace Mechelle Smith Auburn spiritualmecomcast.net
Weddings, house blessings, baby welcoming and etc.

Thomas L. Smith (Olympia) brimsmithattbi.com

Frank Standish (Oak Harbor) themaster.wolfverizon.net

Amy Stanfill (Vancouver) Pagan_Priestess_Amyyahoo.com

Janene Stewart (Enumclaw) beanbag65worldnet.att.net

Captain Robert E. Weimer II, Ph.D. (Friday Harbor) bobegglake.com Www.chironcharters.com As Captain of the Sailing Vessel Chiron I perform both traditional and non-traditional weddings and at sea.

Greg Wesner (King County) I don't have much experience, but I love seeing reasonable people come together to make a life for themselves as one.

Will Wilcox (Williamwilldesign.org) Contact me for ceremonies or counseling

Patricia "Dawn" Wood (Pierce County) Billsdawniepeoplepc.com. All Denomination Weddings, and Affirmation of Love ceremonies

West Virginia

Patricia Adams padams4meyahoo.com

Timothy K Carl (Pine Grove) timcarl94yahoo.com

Sarah Carrie Deutsch carriedeutsch2003yahoo.com

Crystal Kendrick (Huntington) kendrickherstoryyahoo.com
Eclectic Wiccan/ Pagan clergy

Kristopher King (Snowshoe, WV) lindyandkrisfrontier.net

Rev. Teresa Turner-Frederick (Berkeley, Hampshire, Jefferson, Hardy, Grant counties) deayjavooaol.com handfastings, affirmations of love, wiccanings, rites of birth, adult transitions, rituals of childhood, dedication ceremonies, naming rituals, funerals, rituals of separation, handparting, etc.

Christopher Stanley Myhalsky (Fairmont) cmyhalskyyahoo.com Registered by the Secretary of State and licensed in all fifty-five counties of WV. Also provide LIMO service.

Sherrell R Wigal (All Counties) sherrellwigalyahoo.com I am "registered" with the West Virginia Secretary of State to perform marriages in the State of West Virginia.

Jeff C. Woods WVJeffroaol.com. I am registered by the Secretary of State and licensed in all fifty-five counties of WV.


Steve Anderson (Cumberland) Ramemarehyahoo.com

Reverend Dean Allen Bardouche (Green Bay) misunderstandeanyahoo.com

Joshua Bingham PaganMoonshineyahoo.com, Wiccan

Fred Bredehorn (Madison area) Madisonofficiantyahoo.com

Emissary of Choice Steven P. Brown (Winnebago County) KustumKraftyahoo.com I perform civil and interfaith weddings, commitment ceremonies, vow renewals and other rites of passage and all of your other spiritual needs, located in Winneconne, WI area but will travel throughout state.

Jennifer Burke (Watertown) jburke9595gmail.com Spiritual Priestess. Equal under heaven wtih love and understanding for all.

Reverend Rebecca HK Burow (North Eastern Wisconsin) beccamarriedbecca.com

Rev Father Dante Cottingham (Portage) cancigbiaol.com

John Damico (Hales Corners) northlandrocketmail.com Chef of the Universe, Marriages performed

James R. Dew, PhD (Madison) jamesdewtds.net or jim.dewuwalumni.com http://www.YourMovingFriend.com

Brother Wacheyne Evans (Milwaukee) neaisha1972yahoo.com. As an official member of the clergy I am allowed to perform ceremonies as follows: Marriage, Baby Naming, Funeral, Hand Fasting, Commitment, Affirmation of Love, Invocations, Renewal of Marriage, and holiday ceremonies, and any ceremonies of Islam beliefs as permitted by law.

Ken Freedman (Western Wisconsin) linfreemwt.net I'm available for pre-marital, grief and spiritual crises counseling.

Michelle Hazuka (Iola) casazukawi-net.com

Reverend Keith L. Hetzel (Waukesha/Greater Milwaukee) KHETZEL2wi.rr.com

Wendel Hruska (Milwaukee) nosloekimhotmail.com

Rev. Randall Inhoff (Wisconsin Rapids) Revcogglive.com

Jeri Jackson, Ordained Clergy Person (Milwaukee) yourspecialceremonyyahoo.com I am available to perform personalized traditional or contemporary marriages, vow renewals, commitment ceremonies or other celebrations of life-changing events.

Geri M. Kiefer (Milwaukee) RevOnatahyahoo.com I am both Crone and Priestess in pre-christian era Paganism and perform rituals accordingly, but I'm willing to work within the spiritual boundaries of any open minded person.

Rev. Constance Lindholm (Milwaukee) revconniemkeyahoo.com

Katurah McNichols (Milwaukee area) katefridahotmail.com.

Rev. Ryan Peterson (Chippewa County) As an official member of the clergy I am allowed to perform ceremonies of marriage, baby naming, funeral, commitment, affirmation of love, invocations, renewal of marriage, and holiday ceremonies as permitted by law.

Reverend Father Stephan Todd Rausch-Ash (Milwaukee) mr.stevea2006yahoo.com Perform's Ceremonies and assisting in Ceremonies of Marriage, Affirmations of Love, Same Sex Commitments/Unions, Invocations, Unity Candle Ceremony, Renewal of Marriage, Home Blessings, and specialising in funerals and memorial services-12+ years of experience.

Brad Riesch (Baraboo) bradrieschhotmail.com

Sister Taleda Robinson (Milwaukee) neaisha1972yahoo.com. As an official member of the clergy I am allowed to perform ceremonies as follows: Marriage, Baby Naming, Funeral, Hand Fasting, Commitment, Affirmation of Love, Invocations, Renewal of Marriage, and holiday ceremonies, and any ceremonies of Islam beliefs as permitted by law.

Jennifer Scott (Rock County, Stateline Area) reverendjenjensa.co From traditional to the bizarre, I believe your wedding should be what you want it to be; game themes, samurai swords, Doctor Suess pentameter, you name it, I'll probably do it.

Reverend Derek Schukow (Oshkosh) dschukowgmail.com

Rev Michael Walker (Chippewa County Wisconsin, Eau Claire, Chippewa Falls, Stanley, Thorp, Marshfield, all of West Central Wisconsin) mikenbrendagmail.com Member of clergy since 2003, I perform ceremonies of marriage, baby naming, funeral, commitment, affirmation of love, invocations, renewal of marriage, and holiday ceremonies as permitted by law.

Rev. James E. Walsh (Lappland Crossing, Oconomowoc) fryrtuxmsn.com

Jason Weberg, Humanist Celebrant (River Falls) jweberggmail.com

Rev. Mark Wroblewski (Milwuakee) remington_milmsn.com

Rev. Donald Wyeth (Argyle) reverendwyethyahoo.com


Nichole Greenleaf Simssonsaol.com

Reverend Christopher C.P. Wood therevsinisteraol.com
Spiritual counseling, and ceremonies available


(Please note the Church is not yet officially recognized in Australia)

Catherine Baker (Sydney) katebaker2002yahoo.com.au

Shaman Colin Caynes (Maydena Tasmania) cenyacbigpond.com available to all those in trouble, I help teens to overcome their drug problems and spend a lot of time working with street kids. I welcome all religions and races, I believe we all have a place on this earth and should do our best to help all those we come in contact with

Reverend Noel Victor Comley (Melbourne) reverendcomley.ws Chaplain - All Faiths Congregation. All Faiths Congegation is a place for members of all faiths to get together and celebrate their similarities.

Framton (Martin) Goodman (Adelaide) Martin_Goodmanmyway.com I perform baby namings, renewal of wedding vows, funerals, blessing of partnerships (including same-sex couples), and all religions or belief systems are accepted. I am not yet licensed to perform weddings.

Rev. Malcolm Kiely (NSW) ulcmalnews.cjb.net The Church of the Withered Fig is an online encouragement and support ministry

Rory Murphy (Victoria) jakefakegmail I wish to help others around me to achieve their inner peace and sensual side.

Nicholas Victor Roudeff cannonball141yahoo.com.au

Patrick Toohey (Australian Capital Territory) dark_horse_pathotmail.com


Rev. Dr. Ivan Pauwels DD, OCP (ulcministerlive.be) All Spiritual and universal human need services, including all ministry, counseling, talk therapy.


Reverend Mother Maria L. Aytes mervyncetoyahoo.com Ordained clergy for weddings, funerals, divorce ceremony, spiritual classes, lightworking, hospitals, hospice, affirmations, motivationist, and more, available anytime


(Please note the Church is not yet officially recognized in Brazil)

Alessandro Jochem (Rio de Janeiro) alessandromelhorar.org Will perform any adequate act/ceremony appropriately - by the way, according to Brazilian Law (New Civil Code, Jan. 2003), religious marriages can be recognized (or even easily registered by civil notary public later, with 2 witnesses) for all legal effects..."

Roberto Lopes (Vitória, ES) betolopesilvagmail.com

Daniel Sottomaior (São Paulo) danielspusp.br http://www.str.com.br

Chris Wilson chris.wilson01gmail.com


(Please note the Church is not yet officially recognized in Canada)

Brett Ackerman (Alberta) backermancanopycanada.net Let's practice evolution not revolution

Judith Andrade (Toronto, Ontario) judithhestiashearth.org

Rev. Cody Arand (Kitchener, Ontario) mediumknowledgegmail.com

Jadon Armstrong (Toronto, Ontario)
verrebusyahoo.com Will conduct marriage, handfasting,
baby naming/dedication and any other
traditional/non-traditional ceremonies and rites as
soon as the church becomes legally recognized in
Canada. Also available for research and councelling.

Doug Ayer, Ordained Clergy Person (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan) dnayershaw.ca

Rev. V.R.Burley (Alberta) spiritualhumanismhotmail.com

Benito Cividino lokimadhouseyahoo.com

Charles Buchanan (Victoria, British Columbia) buchananshaw.ca will perform any ceremony as appropriate.

Kelly Doherty (Princeton, Ontario) kellydsympatico.ca

Dr. Daniel C. Doran (Algoma District of Ontario) be_wellemailplus.org Unitarian-Universalist Chaplain facilitates Humanist-oriented devotional services, officiates at weddings, unions, child-naming ceremonies, memorials and other such rites, as well as offers spiritual counseling and nondoctrinaire religious instruction

Laurie Edberg (Courtenay, BC) laurie.edberggmail.com

Ron Eberly (Calgary, Alberta) roneberlyshaw.ca

Juliana Ellement (Hamilton, Ontario) amberjade13hotmail.com Baby naming, and Handfasting

Joseph Farquhar (Moncton, New Brunswick)
I would like to perform marriages for couples who would like to be married without the traditional church ceremonies. Gay, lesbian, bisexual and/or anyone else welcome

Angela D. Femia (Toronto) angel_love3rogers.com

Pastor Randolph Greening (Lethbridge Alberta) randolph.greeningtelus.net Still waiting for the CSH to be recognized in Canada, so I may Offer the CSH services

Rev.HalluciNathan (Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan) hallucinathanhotmail.com occult/religious researcher Chaos Majix practitioner will perform most rituals/ceremonies/marriages after 3 years of courtship

James Russell Harrison (Ontario) harrison0gmail.com Available for weddings, commitment ceremonies, etc.

Miriam H. Harrison (Ontario, Canada) miriam.harrisongmail.com Available for networking and discussion from all traditions and philosophies as well as non-legally binding handfasting and commitment rites.

Memi Holm (Ontario) memicogeco.ca

Chris Jensen (Brockville, Ontario) primusignishotmail.com Researcher on various esoteric traditions.


Heather Johnson (Hastings, Ontario) ordainedcelebrantyahoo.ca Recognized in Canada by the Province of Ontario as officiant for marriage (Certificate of Registration # 56731), also available for re-affirmation of vows, affirmation of love, memorials, baby naming, spiritual counseling, unions and handfasting ceremonies. I can travel to your location.

Jon Jones (Nova Scotia) mrjones99hotmail.com

Bradley David Lapham
(Victoria, British Columbia) zoogle99hotmail.com

Cleric Chris J. Love (Southwestern Ontario) weddingsoflove.com or weddingsoflovesympatico.ca Non-traditional, alternate lifestyle, or theme weddings, at any location you choose.We are situated in the Kitchener-Waterloo area.

Andre Mintz (Terrace, British Columbia) la-mintzhotmail.com

Bayne McLaughlin (New Hamburg, Ontario) bayne17rogers.com Will conduct weddings as soon as the church is legally recognized in Canada.

Jeffrey Nickerson (Newfoundland & Labrador) pyro1234321hotmail.com. Will perform any righteous ceremony on request as soon as the church becomes legally recognized in Canada

Pastor Terence Nyline (Maple Ridge BE.BC) tnylineshaw.ca All ceremonies performed when recognized in Canada.

Jolaine Ouellet (Mont-tremblant Quebecat) blackunicornA1hotmail.com I can work in english and in french

Tracy Parker, O.C.P. (Ingersoll, ON) tracylynnerogers.com
All ceremonies performed once CSH is legally recognized in Canada

Rev. Carmen St. Pierre (Prince George, B.C.) stpierrecdjshaw.ca

Elizabeth Rhiannon (Edmonton, Alberta) queenrhiannonhotmail.comJeremie Viger (Brockville, Ontario) acidmoonkaydontmesswithtexas.com

A. Rokitjanski (Vancouver) SWordmaster45live.ca

Rev Raymond Saint Laurent (Ottawa) storm-walkermail.com spiritual advisor, life-goals counseling, crisis confrontation. Here to serve you.

James Schubert (Winnipeg, MB) schubertjimyahoo.ca offers spiritual counselling and meditation instruction.

Tony Stich (Powell River BC) tonystichhotmail.com, Here to listen,a religion for free analytical thinkers

Tik Tycholazm (Calgary) spiritualhumanismtiktronics.ca

Rev. Nicole Vermue nickivermuehotmail.com Will conduct marriage, handfasting, baby naming/dedication and any other traditional/non-traditional ceremonies and rites as soon as the church becomes legally recognized in Canada. Also available for research and councelling

Jay Verrebus verrebusyahoo.com Will conduct marriage, handfasting, baby
naming/dedication and any other traditional/non-traditional ceremonies and rites as soon as the church becomes legally recognized in Canada. Also available for research and councelling.

J.C.Weekes (London, Ontario) wiccadunionmetacrawler.com Renaming, baby naming and handfasting.


Simon C. Young (Aalborg) simon.c.younggmail.com Don't marry for money, you can borrow it cheaper.


Rev. Seth Tyler (Helsinki, Finland) sethbtyleryahoo.com


Deano Gledson (Correze) angelisdglineone.net


Reverend Gracie (Berlin) alphotagmail.com

Daniel Koechler (Heidelberg) danielwedding-in-heidelberg.com

Rainer Wiese - tel: 0094(0)911 234 9587 by appointment only. For All of your spiritual needs, weddings, handfastings, same sex unions, funerals, spiritual counseling, renewal of vows, home blessings, baptisms etc. Für alle Ihre rituellen Bedürfnisse wie Taufen, Hochzeiten (auch Scheidungen), Partnerschaftszeremonien, Trauerfeiern u. freie Grabrede, spirituelle Begleitung, Reinigungszeremonien, Grundsteinlegungen und Hausübergaben. (siehe auch Sri Lanka) spiritualhumanismt-online.de


Jacinto Caceres (Yona) xyzjackxyzhotmail.com


(Please note the Church is not yet officially recognized in Holland)

Rudolf van den Broek (Venray Holland) Cellostr 39, 5802kc, Venray Holland kimenruudhetnet.nl


(Please note the Church is not yet officially recognized in Ireland)

Clergyman Anthony Bates (Wexford, Ireland) anthonymbates.esqoutlook.crm In service to the universal light and love of Reiki and life.

Rev. Jack O Flanagan (Dublin) jackonmsnhotmail.com "Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind"-albert einstein

Alex Nesbitt (Dublin, Ireland), alex.nesbittiol.ie

Father Graham Williamson (Dublin) grahamwilliamsonhotmail.com


Cat Marcuri (Vicenza) catlyn36hotmail.com All services administered.


(Please note the Church is not yet officially recognized in Mexico)

Reverend Kenneth Dudley (Puerto Vallarta) Dudleyk725Yahoo.com

Robin Manoogian (Puerto Vallarta) orientalhealingprodigy.net.mx I perform weddings in Mexico. I am a acupuncturist who teaches yoga and meditation

Petra Maurus (Cancun, Quintana Roo) informationcancun-wedding-photography.com, www.cancun-wedding-photography.com. Civil/Spiritual Wedding Ceremonies and Renewal of Vows in English and German in Cancun and Riviera Maya

Katinka C. Salgado Ojeda (México City) ksalgadokatinkasalgado.com


(Please note the Church is not yet officially recognized in Parkistan)

Inderias Dominic Bhatti (Punjab) inderiasb55hotmail.com

South Africa

(Please note the Church is not yet officially recognized in South Africa)

Reverend Moira de Swardt (Johannesburg area) moiradswol.co.za legal Marriage Officer, will do all rites of passage ceremonies in and around greater Johannesburg.

David Muller (Port Elizabeth) beethovensprivateghostyahoo.com
Tao'ism with ubuntu - Commitment Ceremonies, Affirmations of Love, Naming Ceremonies performed

Rev. Chris Neethling (Johannesburg) revchris2003yahoo.com Not registered at the moment in South Africa , but will be performing all religious services. ie:-weddings(same-sex/interfaith) baptism, funerals, blessings, etc.


Susan Coley (Costa Blanca) infocostablancacelebrant.com Weddings, renewal of vows, commitments, same sex unions, baby naming, funerals and memorials, and any other type of service required.

Reverend Alasdair Lamont lamonta3aol.com Weddings hand fastenings,wedding vows, same sex unions,commitment cermonies,baby nameing and funerals.

Rev. Alan Malcolm McLean Tennant (Alicante and all of Spain) alicantcelebrantyahoo.com Weddings, handfasting, baby naming ceremonies, gay weddings and funerals.

Sri Lanka

(Please note the Church is not yet officially recognized in Sri Lanka)

Ven. Rainer Wiese, (Muhiripanne Sobhita) All spiritual needs and counseling available at the Sri Maha Bodhi Viharaya, 30 Sri Bodhi Road, Dehiwala / Sri Lanka spiritualhumanismt-online.de


(Please note the Church is not yet officially recognized in Switzerland)

Minister of Peace Zachary Prather (Luzern) infozach-prather.com
Individualized ceremonies honoring and respecting all Religious traditions and Spiritual paths.


Jim Reyner (Sarawak) jimreynerhotmail.com

New Zealand

(Please note the Church is not yet officially recognized in New Zealand)

Alison Lintern (Wairarapa) Ali_Belly_nzyahoo.com.au.

Hamish McLellan (Nelson) hamishmcnayland.school.nz

Anne Murrell rainbowzgypsyhotmail.com


(Please note the Church is not yet officially recognized in Thailand)

B. Robinson (Bangkok) mont2002idseal.com


(Please note the Church is not yet officially recognized in Trinidad)

Annette Charles-Elder (Arima) anne.hiltonyahoo.com

United Kingdom

(Please note the Church is not yet officially recognized in the UK)

Reverend Father Richard Adams (Leeds, United Kingdom) unbornda3monhotmail.co.uk Handfastings, renewal of vows, funerals, advisor, individual and couples counseling, guidance, naming and coming of age ceremonies, dedications, wicca, druidic and pagan ceremonies, blessings, Solstices, Equinoxes.

Rev Kevin Alexander (Dunoon, Argyll, Scotland) xanderiskinggmail.com

Rev. Dave Amos (Merseyside and United Kingdom) docamos2000yahoo.co.uk..minister for all westerners everywhere

Kimberley Atkinson (Cardiff) klatkinsongmail.com Every man has the right to live, love and learn

Luke Atkinson (Pontefract, England) Aco4evahotmail.com

Matthew Baily (Cheshire) mattbailyukgmail.com

Bishop Charles Bell (East Sussex) herrglockehotmail.com

Russell Berry (Leigh on Sea, Essex England) veilside01702btinternet.com Life Counselling and sponsor, self esteem, teaching and support.

Colin J Birrell (Livingston, Scotland) Colin.birrellsky.com Weddings, funerals, naming services

Martin Black (Perthshire, Scotland) shc_clergylive.co.uk

Kevin Browne (Derry, Northern Ireland) brownekevineircom.net

George Cameron (Edinburgh) grandmastertiscali.co.uk I am available for handfastings, rites of passage,etc.

Brother Adrian Chan-Wyles Ph.D. (London) chandaofastmail.fm Ch'an Buddhist and Benedictine monk. Available for spiritual guidance and support in difficult times. Forgiveness and compassion is the way. May all who read this, be happy and free from suffering.

Robert J J Cheale (Bradford, West Yorkshire) robertchealehotmail.com I am happy to perform your wedding ceremony, renewal of vows, couples counselling, counselling advice (mental health). Humanist ceremonies of any kind if permitted. Be advised that since spiritual Humanism is not yet recognised in the uk an official register office cermony must be performed first to make you marriage "legal" in the eyes of British Law. Peace be with you all

Rev Derek A Collins (London) derekacgershom.org.uk Providing inclusive services, blessings etc, with as much or as little religion as you require, for all people. LGBT People particularly welcome

John Crawford (Darlington Co. Durham) johnwayne2812gmail.com

Rev William Crowley (London) w.crowleytiscali.co.uk spiritual advisor, offering guidance through lifes complications

Geoffrey Crust gcrust1geoffreygcrust1.wanadoo.co.uk

Adam Donkin (Canterbury) adamdnknhotmail.com

O.C.P. James Ellis (Sussex) jimellis123hotmail.com Hoping to help promote peace amongst the human family

Andrew Farlow (Bristol) andyfarlowmsn.com Most secular ceremonies e.g naming and handfasting etc.

Rev Neil Gawn ngdlmsn.com For all spiritual needs, marrages funeral christenings etc.

Rob Gilbert robgilbert1940aol.com

Rev. Adam Gooding (Grantham, Lincolnshire) adamgoodinghotmail.co.uk Customised (casual or formal) secular ceremonies and rituals, non denominational marriage ceremonies, handfastings, handpartings, domestic partner unions (including same-sex unions), theme weddings, parting of the ways ceremonies, baby naming and baby welcoming, house blessings, rites of passage, hospital visits and funerals and memorial services, full moon, new moon, solstice and equinox celebrations,animal naming and funerals.

Kevin Griffiths (West Midlands) druids_wand_ukyahoo.co.uk

The Reverend H (Spalding,Lincolnshire) the.only.reverend.hgmail.com affirmation of love, marriages, same sex marriages, blessings and funerals.

Rev. Yvonne (Eve) Hale (Gosport, Hampshire) lamplitentlworld.com Funerals, namings, blessings, healing.Law requires a registry office entry of marriage, which you would eed to undertake for wedding. Non religious/religious ceremonies. Within local area.

Anthony Hackett (Wordsley, West Midlands) ahackett_1hotmail.co.uk,

Paul Hanson (Weston-super-Mare) spud_hansonhotmail.com

Christopher Harding (Essex) deeptonesvirgin.net

Nick Haywood (Helston Cornwal) haywood.nickgooglemail.com

Craig Henke (Appleton) crg101057yahoo.com

Davd Hughes (Flintshire) dthugheslive.co.uk Religious/nonreligious ceremonies, including funerals, memorials, namings, weddings, pet funerals, all undertaken to your personal wishes and requirements by independent funeral celebrant & director

Rev. Mike Hughes (Luton, England) mike.hughes001ntlworld.com
We are a pagan based church open to all people with open minds.

Reverend Paul Imrie (Cheshire, England) paul_imriehotmail.com

Aaron J Johns (gwent south wales) bratro9647yahoo.co.uk

Rev Dr Alan Jones (Cornwall) Counsellor, therapist and esoteric teacher offering transpersonal coaching, handfasting, pagan-wiccan blessings and chaplaincy.

Rev.Terence King (Dagenham, Essex) (tking6hotmail.com) raven-priest of the morrigan how may i help

Reverend Alister Lee (Isle of Wight) albertsdadsmatelive.co.uk Ppagan rituals , hand fastnings, renewing vows of devotion , giving of name ceremony.

Rev Adrian Lindley (Manchester, Lancashire) ajlinrocketmail.com All ceremonies catered for (weddings etc will need to be arranged with registrars office first ) christenings weddings funerals same sex marriage ceremonies biker weddings blessings

Rev. Father Rex Makemson (Norfolk Area) rexmakemson.org.uk will undertake all Humanist ceremonies, however the laws of the land still require a registry office entry of marriage so you would also need to undertake that process. I am also happy to officiate over animal naming and funerals.

Chris Meier (Shropshire) chrismeierhotmail.co.uk

Reverend Peter McGhee (Brockley, London) petejohnmcbtinternet.com

Steven McGinn (Ayrshire, Scotland) stevenmcginnhotmail.com As the grand high wizard of lagerism I am able to perform traditional ceremonies all free of charge to any believers

Russell Miller (West Sussex) hedgehog.mdsl.pipex.com I am a Blues musician that has found the truth within this church not superstition

Reverend Simon Moore (West Umbria) si266_2001hotmail.com
Hospital visits, grievance counselling, pet funerals and humanist ceremonies. I will be happy to bless weddings, christenings etc but as the Church is not yet recognised in Great Britain, official proceedings would also have to be arranged.

Lewis John Palin (Shrophire and Birmingham) l.j.palinnewman.ac.uk

Rev Father Dr Nicholas James Gill Pearce (Glasgow, Scotland, UK). nickyjpearcehotmail.com

Vicar Kevin Phillips (Midlands) kevinkevinphillips.me.uk

Stephanie Pollard ( Suffolk) steph.at.homelive.co.uk Casual or formal ceremonies and rituals, pagan and wiccan custom wedding services, non denominational marriage ceremonies, handfastings (marriages), domestic partner unions (including same-sex unions), baby naming and baby welcoming, house blessings, rites of passage, memorial services. I will undertake all humanist ceremonies; however the laws require a registry office entry of marriage so you would also need to undertake that process.

Eamonn Purcell O.C.P. (Manchester) eamonnianpurcellhotmail.com

Emissary Kevin E. Quigley (London)

Bernard Randall bfrposhhotmail.co.uk

Reverend Martin Rogers (Somerset) martindonnaraol.com

Brother Ron (Middlesbrough) brotherronrdescape.co.uk

Trevor Scase West Yorkshire twscaseyahoo.co.uk

Canon Mark Spreadbury (Woking, Surrey) markspreadbury15&gmail.com

Rev. Wayn Snook (London) RevWSnookaol.com

Huw Rhys Thomas (Scotland) hrthomas1hotmail.com

Revd DN Topping (North West England) officeuniversalinterfaith.org

Angela Torrance (Ayrshire, Scotland) angelatorrance2hotmail.co.uk

Reverend Richard Thomas (Ebbw Vale Gwent South Wales) UKreverendthomashotmail.co.uk I welcome all that needs help to find a way through life Hospital visits,counselling,pet funerals or any humanist ceremonies, How ever the law states that a registry office entry of marriage so you would have to do that too as the Church is not yet recognised in the UK.

Kayleigh Ward (Horncastle, Lincs) kayleighwardaol.com Independent Civil Celebrant and Funeral Officiant. Uniquely designed Ceremonies, whatever your beliefs (non/semi-religious), including funerals, naming ceremonies, pet funerals, renewal of wedding vows, commitment & partnership, etc.

Rev. Dr. Stephen Weaver (Merseyside, Cheshire & North Wales)
steveweaversweb.co.uk Pagan Church & College providing counselling, hypnotherapy, psychodynamic therapy, esoteric tuition, rites & ceremonies of blessings, weddings/handfastings, naming & memorial services.

Henry James Winsor (Bedfordshire) henry_j_winsorhotmail.co.uk Casual or formal secular ceremonies and rituals, custom wedding services, non denominational marriage ceremonies, handfastings (marriages), handpartings (dissolution of marriages), domestic partner unions (including same-sex unions), theme weddings, parting of the ways ceremonies, baby naming and naby welcoming, house blessings, rites of passage, hospital visits, funerals and memorial services, full moon, new moon, solstice and equinox celebrations, animal naming and funerals. We will undertake all Humanist ceremonies; however the laws require a registry office entry of marriage so you would also need to undertake that process.

Rev James Wood (South Yorkshire England) jimjmwrachalyahoo.co.uk

Katrina Zurbanu (Essex) kirkiwitchhotmail.com


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