Post Mon Feb 15, 2016 11:57 am

Dodged a bullet.

A few years back a fellow joined CoSH with a bit of an agenda. With his ordination we wanted to declare his house a church. His church's services apparently consisted of congregants taking off all of their clothes and rubbing up against one another. Tithing of some sort was probably required. After some discussion RA Zorger had the vast wisdom to suspend the ordination. The only example of such I have heard about in CoSH. Inevitably the local yokels shut him down, and without the fig leaf of his CoSH ordination he really didn't have a freedom-of-religion constitutional argument. CoSH was well rid of him and his antics, although the discussion threads swirling around it were AMAZING. But here is further evidence that the church was completely right not to get sucked in to that legal battle. While this news article doesn't involve a sex church, it is pretty close. And it certainly brought back memories.